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Slot Planet Casino - Stalling €2,000 refund with absurd tactics

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slot Planet Casino
Reason Refund declined
Amount € 2000
Posted on March 22, 2018

I made the grave mistake in joining SlotPlanet.com on the 6th of March 2018.

Here is what happened:

1) I deposited 40,000Kr (€4,000) in a few installments using Trustly connected with BankID which the most secure payment method out there. You are literally already KYC`d as a customer in that sense. Anyhow, I lost it all and didn’t claim any welcome offers etc. Pure loss with no strings attached.

2) After the loss I then tried to deposit another 10,000 Kr (€1,000) but the cashier froze and timed out. No error message no nothing. I tried to deposit again 10,000 Kr (€1,000) and same issue happened again.

3) I later logged in and no money had arrived to my player account but my bank had indeed deducted the two deposits (€2,000).

4) I jump into their Live Chat and start talking to their support. By the way they are using fake pictures as their support staff unless everyone is Miss World Models, haha. No big deal but I still think it creates that unserious/ dodgy type of feeling.

5) The following quotes are taken from the chat transcript I got sent to me:

“Client 11:49:54 pm
i just made 2x10,000kr in deposits
its been taken but not showing in the account

Iida 11:50:48 pm
There is an issue that is reported for depositing. It is being looked into at this time and will be processing soon. We ask that you allow up to 30 minutes to an hour to allow for this to go through please.”

6) I then wait almost an hour and new person in live chat tells me the following:

“Tim 12:41:16 am
We are currently undergoing some routine maintenance at the moment and are unable to access your account information at this time. May I ask that you please allow up to 1 hour for this to be resolved and we will be more than happy to assist.”

7) Ok, so now it’s a “routine maintenance” and that’s the reason why they taken €2,000 from my account. I wait another hour or so and third person tells me it will take more time. I just wasted a lot of time and its getting late in the night, so I tell them to simply send back the funds to my account and close the account. I won’t spend more time here since there is a ton of other casinos with somewhat of a standard.
8) Morning after I log in and my account is blocked. No emails no nothing sent to me in my inbox. I jump into the live chat and I quote:

“Carleen 08:11:42 am

Thank you for holding, I have looked into this for you, I am sorry for the experience you have had with the agents last night.

The issue was resolved and I am able to request these funds to be sent back to you however it will not be possible until we receive your documentation which the agent should have requested last night I do apologize.

When you are able to I know this is frustrating as well but send us these documents as soon as you can, so once this has been done, we can request a manual withdrawal for your funds in your account.

We would require the following documentation:

1) Either a copy of passport or both parts of driver's license.

2) A copy of front and back of card used to make deposits with. ( Only applicable should you have deposited at the Casino using a debit/credit card )

3) A copy of a recent utility bill with your name and address reflected on it, or another document with proof of address

As soon as your documentation arrives, we will be sure to pass them to our Accounts Team for review. Please kindly note, our Accounts Team operate business hours only (GMT)”

9) Ok, fair enough I know a lot of casinos requires KYC´s but I think they could have thought twice about it given the following: 1) I didn’t win any money, they simply took my deposits from my account 2) as mentioned before I’m using Trustly/BankID as payment method and 3) the issue is totally on their end and it’s a rather big issue if you ask me.

Either way, I do as I’ve been told and send it the documentation.

10) 7th of March. I received a reply from their security team: “Kindly be advised that the documents review period can take 1-2 business days. You will be notified as soon as the process has been completed”.

11) 14th of March (one week later), no progress what so ever. I like to call them in person to talk to someone senior, but this company don’t offer any phone (real person) communication. I jump into their live chat again and speak to a Swedish support agent this time as I’m Swedish. (English translations available after quote):

”Lars 04:11:44 pm
Som sagt supporter har ingen möjlighet att kontrollera eller kommentera problem som eskalerats till det tekniska teamet.
Jag ska posta vad jag ser i mitt system.”

This basically translate into: “There is nothing we at support can comment on or do since this is now with our technical department”.

12) 14th of March. I’m trying to email this time and finally received a reply again from a Swedish support agent and this is where I’m starting to lose faith. I’m asking what’s the update on my €2,000 and this is the reply (English translations available after quote):

”Hej igen < name removed >,

Tack för ditt svar.

Det jag menar är att de jobbar på ditt ärende.
Vi får egentligen inte betala ut pengar som inte omsatts 1 gång.

De kommer att höra av sig så fort de är klara, jag tvivlar inte på att de kommer att lösa detta.

Varma hälsningar,
Slot Planet
Email: suppor­[email protected]­lot­pla­net.com”

English translation:

“Hi again < name removed >,

Thanks for your reply.

What I mean is that they work on your case.
We can not really pay out money that has not been wagered once.

They will hear as soon as they are done, I do not doubt they will solve this.

Warm greetings,
Slot Planet
Email: suppor­[email protected]­lot­pla­net.com”

13) Ok so now they want me to wager on money that I accidentally deposited due to a bug on their end!! To remind you I also lost €4,000. Surely these type of rules must be proper breach in how to treat players and against human rights!?! LOL

14) 20th of March - almost another week with absolutely no progress. I emailed their support to get an update and same Robin guy replies (English translations available after quote):

“Hejsan < name removed >,

Tack för ditt mail.
Jag vill be om ursäkt för att du inte har fått något svar.
Dock så kan detta ta upp till 21 dagar vilket vi förklarat för dig.

Vi på kundtjänst kan inte påverka detta i dagsläget utan vi behöver vänta in ledningens svar.

Varma hälsningar,
Slot Planet
Email: suppor­[email protected]­lot­pla­net.com”

English translation:

“Hello < name removed >,

Thanks for your mail.
I want to apologize for no response.
However, this may take up to 21 days, which we explained to you.

We at customer service can not influence this at the moment but we need to wait for the management's response.

Warm greetings,
Slot Planet
Email: suppor­[email protected]­lot­pla­net.com”

15) So now they tell me out of the blue that this might take up to 21 days?! I never been told that.

To summarize, Ive been playing poker and casino online since 2004 and I have never come across anything like this before.
I guess I will at some point receive my money back but it’s just a very, very poor way of handling customers. Right?!!

Thank you Askgamblers for offering this service!

Best of luck!

Posted on March 24, 2018

Hi sowhatulikesuzi,

Sorry to hear about your complaint. I can confirm the money was processed back to you last night. It's unfortunate that you've had this issue, and I agree with you that the communication could have been better and it has been a very slow process. However I would also like to state that all procedures followed where correct, just not in a timely manner.

I'll also get someone from our lotalty team will also email you if you are interested in giving Slot Planet another chance to show that th is was an exception to our usual standards?

Posted on March 26, 2018

Thank you Askgamblers again for your services when it comes to these issues. i doubt this would have been handled the way it did if it wasnt for you guys. xoxox

@slotplanetcasino - The funds came in today, the 26th of March, which is ~20 days after originally requested. Im not interested in re-joining your casino ever again so please close my account permantely. It just been a long and rather annoying journey to be honest.

Case closed!

Posted on March 26, 2018

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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