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Slotland Casino - Verification issue

posted on October 7, 2013.

Hello..though I am not regular player like my other friends.Last week one of my friend referred me slot land casino to play. Well, I had created a account there and received sign up bonus for play. I had played almost whole night into slot land casino and I enjoyed there. When I had reached balance $140 then I went to live chat if I could withdraw any winnings. The support staff had congratulated me for won $140 and asked me to send my verification documents. Therefore, I had send my passport scan copy and withdrawal method details. But, yesterday I got a email from slot land billing email address which mentioned below :

"Thanks for sending in the document. It has been evaluated by our fraud department as falsification and therefore cannot be accepted for verification. Your account has been suspended and the withdrawal voided."

I became totally upset after read that email and instantly replied to them that to review my request where some misunderstanding could happen between us. After that I got a reply from them to asked my correct phone number for further verifications though I had left my personal cell number while created my account there. So, beside my cell number I had sent them my friend's cell number also because I was afraid if I mis their call. After 30 minutes I got a reply from them which had stated that the cell number which I had sent them a while before has already been registered,so they had voided my winnings for breaches their T&C. But I know my friend Iftekhar is a regular player of them as he referred me slotland casino and also I had mentioned them that the number has been sent last time is belong to my friend not me,so if you could not connect with me my registered cell number then call into my friend's cell number. Is it the reason for voided my winnings? so, why they had asked me another cell number where I had registered my own cell number? If I have no more cell numbers but only one then what should I do? Is that really proves that I had breached their T&C and they can judge unfair with me? How can I prove to them that I am the real player with real and correct information of mine? Please help me...

posted on October 8, 2013.

Hi Hasnat,

this is Jack from Slotland. Let me comment briefly on your complaint.

First let me assure you that we have many happy players from Bangladesh at Slotland, so this has obviously nothing to do with your home country, or you personally.

And while we don't have any problem sending winnings to anyone lucky enough to meet the conditions for withdrawal, which you did, we usually require some sort of verification to know we're sending the funds to the right guy. And that's where you flunked.

Essentially, our Billing Department asked you to supply us with a copy of your id/passport and a utility bill, and your phone number that they could use to verify your identity.

Whereas you did provide us with the copy of your passport, you failed to deliver the copy of utility bill plus provided us with a cell phone number saying

"hi, *my cell* number is 880******297"

that you now claim belongs to someone else. Not very clever way to do, to say the least. Or would you also happen to let someone else's phone number be attached to your bank account, or any institutional file??

Our Billing then tried to reach you on your other number provided during registration, getting no response there, and subsequently finding your other ***297 number (that you claimed it's yours) connected to another Slotland account, which is clearly against house T&C's.

So as you can see, you didn't really help us handle this situation in any other way, but we are still willing to give you a second chance:

You have 24 hours to deliver the copy of utility bill and your driver's license, both clearly in your name, and be available on your phone **486 upon providing us with these, in order to have the withdrawal processed.

Fair enough?

Please, also mind that the max cashout on the free no deposit bonus - that you received for joining Slotland via other affiliate site than ASKGAMBLERS - is $100, not $140.

Cheers Jack

posted on October 8, 2013.

Dear Jack,

Thank you very much for your reply. Now I have sent my all required documents together attached with email. You can call me @ ********6486 anytime for verifications. Please note that I don't have driver's license where I never drive. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Madna Hasnat

posted on October 8, 2013.

The winning max $100 has been received by my nominated account. So, my complain has been resolved.Please dear ASKGAMBLERS, close this complain.Thank you JACK and ASKGAMBLERS.I am giving 10 points out of 10 to slotland casino services.

posted on October 9, 2013.

Alright, happy to hear that. Enjoy your winnings and see you back at Slotland soon again!

Cheers Jack

posted on October 9, 2013.

 Complaint solved!