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SlotJoint Casino - My account was wrongly closed on the basis of paragraph 2.3

mariusz182 Poland
posted on December 4, 2018.

Good morning
I feel cheated and humiliated by slotjoint. I am an honest man, I have never fooled anyone and I am not going to cheat. A lot of time ago I opened a slotjoint account because I like to play on different machines from time to time. About 2 weeks ago I was able to win 1,000 euros, I did not use any bonuses, I played for a long time gradually increasing the rate. Later, I decided to pay the winnings, unfortunately the withdrawal lasted for a very long time, so I closed the withdrawal and again I managed to win 1000 Euro. That's how I came to 4000 euros. I wanted to withdraw the prize and I was asked for verification documents which I of course sent.
After a very long time, I received information from the security department that my account was closed due to violation of paragraph 2.3, that is, for the purposeful establishment of multiple accounts in the slotjoint.
Clearly I was called a cheater, which assumes many accounts in order to cheat the casino on bonus amounts. I have never used bonuses and I have not applied for them, I have never deliberately set up multiple accounts, I am an honest man on a certain level and I never go to cheat.
Indeed, the situation that I could not log into the slotjoint, I thought I did not have an account there and went through the registration process. Of course, I have not been notified in any way that I already have a slotjoint account, I have not received any communication in this matter. After some time I saw an e-mail with a slotjoint on the mailbox and I learned that I already have koto in slotjoint. On May 13, 2018, I sent a request to close this second account created by mistake. The second account has been closed. I continued to play and make deposits from my first player account. Unfortunately, at the moment when I was able to win 4,000 euros, slotjoint closed my account calling me clearly a cheater. I am indignant in such behavior. A reputable internet company that is supposed to inspire trust should not do this with its users in this way. Such behavior should be simply stigmatized and disseminated. Paragraph 2.3 applies to the phishing accountants who set up multiple accounts in order to obtain bonuses, I am not a cheat, I did not use any bonuses, I always played with my own money. I mistakenly set up a second account, which was closed at my request, and there was no violation of paragraph 2.3.
In the attachment I am sending a screenshot from the email in which I received information that my second account was closed on my request.
I'm sorry I'm using an interpreter

posted on December 6, 2018.

Dear mariusz182,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We are communicating with AskGamblers and will provide an update once complete.

Thank you again for bringing this up and we wish you a great day.

Kind regards,

SlotJoint Casino

posted on December 7, 2018.

Based on all the information and evidence presented on behalf SlotJoint Casino management, AskGamblers Complaints Team can now confirm the fact that they acted in accordance with the disputed promotion terms and conditions, players winnings were forfeited per violation of paragraph 2.3 of general terms and conditions. The violation occurred because player created more than one account which is against term #2.3.

Only one Player Account is permitted per person, house, building, mailing address, phone number, IP address, family, Device or Shared Environment. If more than one Player Account is created per person, house, building, mailing address, phone number, IP address, family, Device or Shared Environment then We will close all related Player Accounts and not pay out any winnings or refund any deposits. Family­ ­inc­ludes, but is not limited to, parents, partners, spouse, children, siblings and close relatives.

In addition player has been found not being truthful as he received 70€ in bonus chips and also asked for his second account to be “permanently closed” without ever mentioning that he already had another account registered with the same operator.

Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the case as resolved and it being officially closed now. In case of a disagreement with our decision we recommend player to seek further assistance on the matter from the relevant regulatory body.  

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