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Silver Oak not honoring an offer, and then uncooperative and rude

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Disputed casino Silver Oak Casino
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Posted on May 16, 2014

I got an email from [email protected]­ilv­ero­akm­ offering a $30 chip to upgrade my information to include a mobile phone. It said the code would be sent to my mobile once I updated.

I updated, and then thought since I had received a chip from a crewpon bonus last, I would need to make a deposit before cashing this in, so I deposited $10 (without redeeming any other bonus). Note that I have been depositing regularly to this casino over the past few weeks, deposits ranging from $10 to $50, some using bonuses, some not. I have made no withdrawals.

I then made the upgrade, but unfortunately made a typo, but the screen said I could edit the number, which I did, to the correct number. I sent it through, but no coupon code was sent to my mobile.

I went to live help, where I explained about the error and asked if it could be fixed. I was told I could not request the bonus because I had just made a deposit. I explained I would be happy to come back later once I played out the $10, just wanted to make sure if I came back later I could arrange to have the error fixed and get the bonus.

The response I got from Sean, the live help operator, was that they were not offering bonuses for phone numbers.

I said I had gotten an email and would be happy to send it to him. He asked me what address the email was from, and when I told him, he said it was not their email.

I suggested he pass the information on as then someone was using their email, but he caught an attitude and pretty much said they would do nothing about it.

I went back to my email and did a search for any emails from that address. I found quite a few. They were all promotion emails from Silver Oak, using their graphics. Not only that, but some of them had been promotions I had used successfully with no problem. So it seems it is their email. Perhaps it was one used just for advertising and promotions, but it seems that it is very valid.

I went back to live help, got Sean and explained this to him. I asked for an email contact I could write to and forward these emails to check it out further. He ignored these requests and kept telling me it was not their email. Finally he said he'd be the one getting the email.

I went back to my email, and clicked on "reply" and then it showed the following email address:< removed >

I replied to that email asking that someone from the casino contact me about the offer as I was having difficulties. the email went through.

I then went back to my account to use the $10, and got a message that my account was closed by administration.

I tried to log out and log back in, and then was able to play, and it didn't show it was closed.

However, even if they did that temporarily, that was terribly rude. I was at no time rude to them. I am sure, based on the previous emails I got from that address, the offers that were in them, and the subsequent successful completion of the offers, that the email I got was valid. Since I had just gotten it that evening, they might not have known about it yet.

As I said, I have played a lot of money into the casino recently, and have made deposits both with and without bonuses. I even made a $10 deposit to make sure I didn't get 2 free chips in a row.

In fact, the one I had just gotten before this incident was from their Crewpon bonus, which not only had required a minimum $50 deposit, but was one I found out about and answered to from this same email as the mobile phone one. So it must be valid.

I feel I have earned this bonus as I have put in a lot of money, and they offered it, and they way they are handling this is horrible. They have lost a customer. Big time.

I was hoping you can help since at least I feel I should be able to fix the typo and then get this bonus. And I'd like an apology from them for the way I was treated. I have dealt with their live help before with no problems.

I'd be happy to forward the email in question, as well as the other ones I've gotten, all seemingly, and some proven, valid to anyone wanting to see them.

Thank you!

Posted on August 2, 2011

An update ...

I went back to Silver Oak's webpage, and found that original email listed at http:/­/ww­w.s­ilv­ero­akc­asi­no.c­om­/ad­d-u­s-t­o-y­our­-co­ntacts/

I went back on their live help, and spoke to a different live help operator named Rachel. She at first told me the same thing ...that it was not their email and that they were not offering a free chip for upgrading with one's mobile number.

I gave her the above webpage address as well, and asked if she would please check it herself. She did, came back, and said it was indeed from them and was valid, and she did credit my account with the $30.

I shouldn't have had to go through all that, and should not have been treated badly by Sean as I was. It took Rachel just a few minutes to check to find out my claim was very valid.

Posted on August 4, 2011


This is Pete from Silver Oak Casino.

I'm glad that Rachel was able to help out and sort the situation for you. I took your post to the CS team and checked the chat logs to put the pieces together and there was a clear miscommunication between our marketing and customer service departments relating to the promotions, which we are working to resolve so that it can be avoided in the future.

Also, I have had the CS manager speak to the representative you refer to in the initial post to ensure that he is far more welcoming and helpful in the future. I truly apologize for your inconvenience and look forward to seeing all future correspondence met with friendly, professional responses.


Posted on August 7, 2011

I received an email from the customer service manager apologizing for the incident, along with an invitation to call and discuss the matter. I do plan to do that, just haven't had the time this week.

I was glad to know it was just this one rep and not the entire casino that was unwilling to help.

I did eventually discover the message I got about the account being closed by the administrator was not done deliberately, but was what happens when there is a time out. That was my misunderstanding.

The main issue for me was not the fact of the miscommunication, but of the unwillingness of the person I was speaking with to at least listen and check what I asked him to before making assumptions.

Thank you for your help here, and to the casino for their prompt response.

I consider this matter closed in a positive manner.

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