Silver Oak Casino - Took Money

posted on January 15, 2014.

I had $600.77 of my own money in my account. I then received my first Players Card with $100 on it. I then logged on and added it to my account. I then decided to withdraw my $600 and play the chip I just added. After 3 months of not getting my funds I was told they "took" the $600 because I "cheated." I was told There is a rule that says if your balance is higher than $5 when you deposit a chip that all resulting winnings are voided. I lost everything because I "mixed' money.

I get that I missed a rule However, the rule says "resulting" wins. I did not have any 'resulting" wins from this chip. They should not have just taken my original $600.77.

They did concede to refund $135 that was my original money..but not the winnings from my original money....PRIOR to the chip and not "resulting" winnings from the chip.

posted on January 16, 2014.

Dear Player

The casino has informed us that there are transactions mixed during history. Although there are no bonuses involved the rewards card has some restrictions notably a maximum pay out of 2 x. However the Casino understands your position too and will make an exception and approve the whole $ 600 prior for depositing the reward card.

For future situations like this the best way to proceed is to request a withdrawal before depositing the reward card so the reward card start with a zero balance to avoid mixing deposits

We hope that this is a solution which meets your approval


AceRevenue Team

posted on February 20, 2014.

 Jellybean, please send the missing documents, so the casino can take care of your issue!