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Silver Oak Casino Complaint

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Silver Oak Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

I won $10,500.00 in June, 09 now its 9/20/09 i still have not received my funds they fedex me $500.00 when i wanted it wired to my bank account, i have won before and the wired me $2500.00 at a time or more per day now the casino manager is mad at me so.

Mike k. the manager i have complaint to him several times that my cashier in the casino does not work i uninstalled it and reinstalled the software several times and it would never work. so the chat line deposit for me and the Mamager Mike K withdraw when i won . The end of July i won over $23,000 and i played it down to $18,000 i ask Mike K. several times to please with daw it he withdraw $2468.67 which left $15,531.33 the next day i check my balance in the casino and i had .33cents left so i call Mike k at casino and ask him if he withdraw it he said no i played it i told him noway thats when we got into a disagreement, then when he stated to Fedex me $500.00 at a time from my winnings in june, the casino still owns me $10,000 from June, i have begged the payout dept to please wire my winnings in June to my bank. and they will not because MIKE, said the payout dept is going to punish me and Fedex the money $500.00 at a time. because in April, i won some money and $2500.00 was missing i got in touch with Mike and let him know i have not received it a month and half later i finally receive it now they are mad at me because they had to track it down. and another reason is The $15,351.00 they own me and Mike, said i played and did'nt . so now Mike, said i can't play at there casino, i wouldn't spent a dine there what they did to me Mike, new my health coindition that i take treatments for a tumor, i am going in for surgery October 1st i need my money i won and they are making it really hard on me. I don't know who to get in touch with to get my money i need help.

Posted on August 22, 2009

 We have forward this complaint to the reps of Silver Oak Casino. Hopefully, we'll receive their answer soon. Thanks for your patience!

Posted on August 25, 2009

Hi JudyLynn,

I work with Silver Oak Casino in the Promotions department and I'd like to help you out here. I am not Mike K., but I do work in the same office.

I apologize if you feel you've gotten the runaround, there are steps you could have taken to get a suitable resolution, however you may not have been aware of them. That's why I'm here to help:

First off, I am looking at your account right now and we have already paid you ($19,724.00) up to date, so please do not have the impression that we will not pay customers who win - we do!

In June, you deposited $300 using our coupon code HIGHSILVER. This coupon code is a rather high bonus for our casino, and as such it had a 10X max cashout. This was explicitly stated in the promotion (I should know, I wrote it) and this is what we sent out to customers (and what appeared on page):

High Bonus Special

200% Match Bonus

30X Playthrough

10X Max Cashout

Unlimited Redemptions


Therefore, you were only entitled to a maximum of $3,000 in winnings ($300 x 10). We explained this when you called us (also please note that we would have contacted you to go over any of these issues however when you signed up you asked to never be called - and we take great care to respect customers' wishes in this regard).

We sent you a $2500 wire transfer (which we have previously done on several occasions beforehand). With all wire transfers there is a fee the sending and receiving banks charge (this is true for any company or person). As a part of our standard terms and conditions, this fee is covered by the customer when requesting a payout (this is standard across all online casinos and sportsbooks). You protested this fact, so Mike K. himself took the initiative to FedEx you the remaining $500 and asked that we cover the sending cost to make you happy. I have worked with Mike K. now for almost a year and more than anyone in the company, he goes the extra mile to satisfy.

When you thus checked your account and thought some was "missing", this was simply the excess winnings you were not entitled to as a part of this specific promotion. In order to keep customers happy and informed, bonus codes are ALWAYS listed with the terms and conditions in order to ward off potential disagreements such as this.

Please note that the maximum legal amount we can send at a time is $2,500, this is why the $500 was sent separately. There are strict regulations we and our processors must follow if we are to operate in the US market. This naturally causes delays.

In regards to your April withdrawal you did not get, we sent it within 5-7 business days, however if a wire transfer is not claimed after 30 days, it is sent back to us to confirm that the information is correct. We sent it back as soon as we confirm this information. This is the cause for the delay.

You also requested a $1,000 payout on the 17th of this month, and we sent that today.

Judylynn, please note that Silver Oak Casino partners with a third-party resolution center:


If you, or any customers, ever have a complaint of any sort, CDS is the adjudicating partner and we are legally bound to honor their judgements. 

I hope I have explained this properly to you. If you are not satisfied still, please contact me personally, however I do recommend you contact CDS to file your claim.

Kind Regards,


Silver Oak Casino

Posted on October 6, 2010

i filed a complaint against silver oak casino last year for not paying me the rest of my winnings. last week i filed another complaint again the silver oak casino and the plant7 casino when my bank called me July 21,2010 and ask me if i was gambling on line with my visa and debit card i tiold them i was the manager told me debit and visa cards are banned for processing payment for on line gambling by the Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. I requested my deposits back from both these casino and to this day i have not received it and i rerquested it July 21, 2010. I do not see my complaint in the askgamblers.com to help get my deposits back I have contacted both casinos several times as i explained in my prior complaints.

Posted on October 6, 2010

I have been e-mailing the Silver OAk Casino and the Plant 7 Casino, and there receive a responce. I have explained what the Silver Oak Casino did to me by not paying me all my winnings and not refunding me my visa deposiys since they are banned from processing payment for online gambling that includes the plant7 owns me also. all i get is the run around from Mike and Darrell, now chat line people, are not telling the truth for them. all i get is they will contact me. it has been since july 21, 20010 since i requested my deposit refund back and the Silver Oak casino still owns some of my winnings. Mike, is making it very hard for me.I would settle for $22,000 of my money back i have e-mailed the managers this offer. since they own me from the Silver Oak winnings of $14,000 and visa deposits of $37,000 and plant7 visa deposits of $1,999.00. When i contacted the chat line Amanda said Mike and Darell will contact me but when i ask her she said chat session end. so they never answer your questions or pay what they own you

Posted on October 11, 2010

Judylynn has decided for herself after several years of playing that it is illegal for U.S. players to play online casinos and has demanded that all of her transactions be refunded to her account even though she has cashed out in the past from us. The 10,000 that she previously spoke of was removed as excess winnings from a coupon with 10x max cashout. For the last three months she has been harassing the staff and masquerading as an FBI agent in the live chat in several of our casinos attempting to get a refund for all transactions she has ever processed with us.

You can see in the post she is asking for a refund and the winnings that she was not entitled too because of the max cashout on the promotion she used. She was paid in full from her win in 2009 and played quite happily until July 2010 when this mess started with the absurd request for a refund of all transactions.

This is not a bonus issue or non payment, this post should never have been left up, do yourself a favor and delete it. She has lost in and comes to the chat 5-10 times a day masquerading as bank examiners and fbi agents.

Mike K

Posted on October 12, 2010

This is to the manager Mike K at Silver Oak Casino, please read my remarks regarding your your faluse statements regarding my account with the Silver Oak and Plant 7 casinos . These are all lies hope who ever reads your remarks does not belive them. You are trying to make USA players look bad when you as a manager of a casino, should know the USA Gambling Laws, especially when your people on the chat line made the deposits for me with my visa card or debit card even you did a couple of times. Now you are saying i have been gambling at the silver oak for years thats a lie to to cover up your mistakes. like i said i have bank statements for prove. Silver Oak owns me $37,000 in Visa deposits Plant 7 $1,999.00 i was going to settle for $22,000 but since your lies you made on October 11, 2010 i want what your casinos took which was not legal

Posted on October 12, 2010

please note i replyed to Mike K, from Silver Oak Casino, Mike is not telling the truth, the transactions were deposits made with my visa card and i have been playing with Silver Oak Casino for 1 year and 2 months not several years. Also my cashier in the casino never worked were i could make a deposit so chat line people made a process payment with my visa card and Mike K himself did for me twice, i was never informed that debit and visa cards were banned from processing payment for on line gambling untill my bank called and told me on July 21, 2010 thats when i contacted the casinos Silver Oak and Plant7 and told them what my bank said in 2006 a law was passed here in the USA called Gambling enforcement Act of 2006 which banned debit and visa cards .

When i complained to Mike K and other people on the chat line that i could't get the cashier portion of the casino to work they told me to delate it then reload it i did this lots of times and it still would not work i could'nt deposit, check my history on my account or withdrawal the chat line and Mike, made the deposit and made the withdrawals i won Over $19,000 and only received $5,500 i know how much i deposit by my visa and debit statements. I am tried of this runaround this casino the Sliver Oaks owns me $37,000 in visa deposits, Mike K as the manager should not of excepted a visa card for process of payment for on line gambling-he should know the USA law since he excepts USA players not once was i informed by him or his staff that i could not use my visa or debit card for deposits my bank called me, and i have been trying to get it refunded to me, i spoke to the International Gambling Affairs, they said Silver Oak violated the USA law they need to refund my visa deposits including the Plant 7 owns me $1,999.00 i don't care about the winnings i did not receive all of it but i want my visa deposits refunded

Posted on November 3, 2010

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf Silver Oak Casino management in regards of this complaint to confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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