Planet 7 Casino - Delayed payment, delayed answers

Kimberly Pyatt United States
posted on November 28, 2016.

On the 8th of November I was approved for a withdrawal in the amount of 500.00, I had originally requested 650. but having read the terms and conditions I knew that the bonus amount would be deducted. I have since then emailed them and get the same response every time. It has been sent to the processor and you will hear from us within one business day. Well I haven't heard from anyone, so I called on the 17th and I actually talked to someone who then told me the same thing and it normally takes 7-10 days after it was sent to the processor for check to be issued, that I should here something by the 24th or 25th if not then to call back. Given the holiday I have waited until today to try and contact them again. After it going straight to their hold line and me waiting for 25 minutes I get a voice mail asking me to leave my name and number and someone will return my call. Okay so how many times do I have to do this before I get a real person again and will they actually do something or just tell me the same thing? So tired of investing my time and money to just get them to pay me. Help, please?
Thank you,
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Kimberly Pyatt United States
posted on December 1, 2016.

Once again I have tried to contact planet 7 and always goes to the hold line, I have tried waiting for the live chat but they are always busy, for extended periods of time and I have to work so I can't remain on hold forever. I have now been denied my free daily spins because I am refusing to invest anymore money in their casino until I receive my payment. It is frustrating enough that it takes so long but to not to be able to even get through to them is ridiculous. I don't believe I'll be playing at this casino anymore before the holidays as them prolonging my payment has made me shorter on funds then expected. Come on planet 7, pay up please.

posted on December 5, 2016.

Hi Kimberly--

I'm terribly sorry for the delays you've experienced with this, as well as for my slow reply.

I've checked on your payment and I do see this was already delivered to you last Friday (Dec. 2). ;-)

Again, apologies for all of this.

All the best,


Kimberly Pyatt United States
posted on December 5, 2016.

Yes, I finally received the check on Friday, thank you for tending to this matter. I enjoy playing at your casino so now I feel confident that I can get paid when I win.
Thanks again,

posted on December 5, 2016.

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