Atlantic Casino - Ripped of by false software, want refund for all deposits

wheeler00 United Kingdom
posted on May 26, 2016.

i just found out via askgamblers that atlantic casino and its sister sites euromoon and parklane are using fake software on their netent games as these were the only games i played on thier sites i should be payed back all my deposits into all their sites. when i found out what they were at i went to thier live chat to confront them that they were ripping people of with thier false software a chat person called adam answered the chat to say how may i help you once i ask the question about the false software he dissapeared just like my deposits did. i complaint to this casino a few times about the payouts on the netent game gonzo as this is were i lost most of my money and was told that they checked and there was no problem with the game as they had ask the provider but that was a lie as i no now that they should not have been using that software so i want my money back i have all the deposits and dates as they were done threw neteller