Diamond Reels Casino - Payment Rejected With No Proof of Accusation

Cattrix United States
posted on July 29, 2016.

My name is Cathy ********. I created an account at Diamond Reels on July 19th. Before making a deposit I was asked to submit my authorization to verify my credentials. I did and was approved. On July 20th, on my 3rd deposit I played through the bonus terms and took a win of $9222. I was phoned by the Diamond Reels representative, James, three days running. Our conversations were friendly and he congratulated me on my win. Four days later I attempted to log into my account and i was refused access. I contacted the casino via chat. Their text explanation was my account had not received enough activity to be paid. I said I was awaiting a payout. I sent James an email asking why my account was closed. He was vague and said my account had been flagged by their processor and my win was being rescinded. I said, show me the evidence of any wrongdoing. He said it wasn't his decision and his hands were tied. I submitted a strong letter of inquiry to the finance department of Diamond Reels asking again for evidence of any wrongdoing. James called me back and said, I'm very sorry but according to our rule sheet your account was flagged and we have the right to deny you payment. I said, "It is unethical to allow a bet in the first place if you have no intention of paying." I submitted my credit report to Diamond Reels that showed a perfect rating. Useless. Another apologetic denial from James. Again I asked for proof and it could not be supplied. The unfairness of denying me my winnings after submitting my authorization form up front and being approved as a bettor is WRONG. I told James I could provide proof of paying all my deposits to online casinos and that even could show numerous non-bonus deposits already paid to the credit card company from just last week of $2000 to one online casino. It appears that's it's easy to make up a reason not to pay someone a lucky big win. Any help that could be issued by your site would be appreciated. No reputable business operates like this. It's a rule of the trade, accept the bet, you have to pay the bet.
Thank you. Cathy *********

Cattrix United States
posted on August 3, 2016.

I'm unfamiliar with the countdown. If I request for it to continue, may I?