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GoWild Casino - Rejected 1426€ from my legitimate winnings!

posted on April 11, 2015.

I am a years player at Gowild casino.i had huge ammounts deposited at gowild family casino...we have a good relation with all the casino team and also with my Vip manager..i havent any problem until a week before!!!
I receive an email after a week,that a royalty bonus wait for me in my account,15 euros,from my Vip account manager,to reward my royalty...

I had a great game session,i made the wager requirements and the amount that i win were 1526 euros.

I finnaly decide to withdraw my winnings
I went to the withdraw menu and i request my withdrawal normally...Bonus balance:0
Cash balance:1526
The system of Gowild casino inform me that my withdrawal was accepted succesful,and it were in reversable stage!!!

after one day i send an email to customer support when i will receive my winnings,and they reply me,congratulations to my winnings and i will receive my money in 2-5 working days!!!

Aftet 1 day i receive an email from the financial dep of casino that my withdrawal has proccesed,so i decide to see the stage of my withdraw.only the 100 euros has been proccesed and the other 1426 rejected.

I send an email to customer support what happened with my winnings and they reply me that i broke the t&c of casino but i receive just a loyalty bonus,i completely the wager requirements and thats all.

Finally i would like to add that if i broke the t&c of the casino,that i dont break cause i win some money legal,casino leave me gamble in their casino for 4 months,since gowild casino are not allowed to accept any more players from greece.they accept my 1700 euros deposits,and also they send me all the time email with links and offers to play at their casino.
Thanks for ur time.

posted on April 16, 2015.

Hi Askgamblers team and Gowild team,

I think that this place is the most suitable to express my happiness about a casino that knows to approach any player,with the way they only knows!!!They have the ability to make any player not saying any bad word about their way of working!!!The casino named GOWILD...For that and the title of the casino THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN suits to all the casino team.i just receive from my account manager mrs Irene Banks,an exception person,the following message:

posted on April 16, 2015.


Allow us to clarify the situation. The player received a free bonus in his account, out of which he won and requested a withdrawal.

According to the terms and conditions, the maximum withdrawal amount that can be paid from a free no deposit bonus is 100 credits. That is the reason why the amount of 100 was paid and the rest of the winnings were initially voided.

However, since this player has been a loyal member of our casino for a long time, we have decided to make an exception and pay him the full amount of the withdrawal. This will be finalized in the following hours.

Thank you,
GoWild Casino

posted on April 16, 2015.

Hello Spyridwn,

I hope this email finds you well.

I believe that my colleagues from the finance department already notified you about the payment being finalized on our side.

However, I also wanted to personally let you know that we managed to make an exception for you this time, and we paid the full amount of your latest withdrawal.Have a nice day!

Irene Banks VIP Manager

I dont tottaly know if i break the t&c of casino but i really know that all THE GO WILD CASINO PEOPLE ARE READY to help anytime...
IT IS MY OBLIGATION to say a big thanks to all of them that cooperated with me at the best way they can,and suggest to ALL the players of online casinos to take a look at that Gowild casino...its really amazing the way that they work for the players GOOD...IT IS TOTTALY WORTH...TRY IT!!!

FINALLY,all my wishes and all of heart thanks should be placed at Askgamblers lovely team,that they exists in our life to make us feel more safe about our gaming choices!!!Thanks GUYSSSS...KEEP THAT HARD WORKING IDEA!!!(please let that complaint opened until i receive my winnings)...

Thanks all of you guyssss!!!
Spyridwn Pap***********...

posted on April 17, 2015.

We have just received a proof form GoWild Casino management that player's payment has been successfully processed. Therefore we consider this case as Resolved.

Case is closed.