Planet 7 Casino - Refused winnings, refused refunds on deposits

posted on November 14, 2015.

Absolutely horrible experience. Three different times my balance was erased at this casino for alleged "playing with my bonus incorrectly". This casino refused to give me my winnings because I played table games instead of slots. Note that I only played table games once they became unlocked and this was consistent with my bonus being fully depreciated. My bonus was gone and the table games were no longer locked, leading anyone to believe there funds were available for all games. This was after I spent all the bonus money and having none left. Apparently your winnings still constitute as bonus money. If you read the terms and conditions they do not even mention restrictions on winnings or even the word winnings leaving a huge grey area. After pleading with them to make it right on the phone for about 10 minutes the manager finally decided to terminate my account along with my real money deposits. I had made over $1000 in winnings at this casino and $277 in deposits. All of which are gone. The manager was rude, cut me off when talking, and essentially laughing at my frustration. I doubt they will be interested in resolving this or returning my money. Furthermore the money I deposited always came out to a higher amount when I checked my bank statements. Stay away from this casino.

posted on November 19, 2015.

Hi motard1,

Here's what happened:

You made a $50 deposit and used the bonus code DINNER2000, which carried the following terms and conditions:

290% No Play No Max
Slots & Keno
Code: DINNER2000
Dep. $50
*Redeem DINNER2000 and enter to win a $2,000 DINNER at the local restaurant of your choice. We will randomly choose a winner from all players from all of our sister casinos.
*$100 RUNNERS-UP CHIPS will be credited to 100 runners-up. Free chips come with a 30X Play (60X for TG and VP), 1X max cash-out, good for All Allowed Games

You did not follow these terms, as you played games which were not allowed.

You spoke with one of our Customer Service Managers, who explained the rules to you. He offered to reset the balance, which would allow you to restart your play (and avoid those non-allowed games). You refused this. While we were trying to resolve this in a way that would be fair for you, you then threatened to dispute the deposit with your bank. Once a player does this, we immediately permanently close any and all casino accounts, which is exactly what has happened here.


posted on November 19, 2015.

Hello Tawni
To a normal person its obvious that your site is extremely misleading. Yes I did redeem the bonus you have mentioned and I did in fact play slots with it. I was lucky enough to win 400$ on one of the spins and subsequently cashed out that amount. Afterwards I had about 1.35$ remaining which I played another slot and won 3$, from there I took the money and played roulette and hit a number straight up, but eventually lost all of it. This was the entire play history with that 50$ deposit and bonus. As you can see I cashed out after I only played the slots. The 1.85$ was part of my 50$ deposit that's why the funds were available at the casino. Furthermore the table games on your website will have locks next to all the games and are not playable. There is a drop-down menu in the cashier which shows 3 items. Withdraw able amount, Bonus amount, and play through amount. The bonus amount depreciated as I played through the money until it was GONE and at that point my funds became available for all the games. Like I stated any normal person would suspect that means that the remaining balance is therefore eligible. In your terms and conditions it never even mentions restrictions on winnings, only bonus, and my bonus was gone because it no longer appeared on the drop down menu with my funds. You stating otherwise just proves how misleading your interface really is, and I suspect all the bonus' you are constantly offer are for the insidious reason to intentionally mislead your players and erase there funds. I NEVER refused to get my money back from you nor did the manager I spoke to even clearly indicate he was willing to do that, instead he cut me off from talking, spoke over me, and laughed at my frustration. I mentioned a dispute because the charges on my bank statement were more than what I approved during the deposit, and furthermore all the charges on my bank statement from your casino are listed as things such as clothing, household items, etc. Clearly you are trying to hide the charges from my bank by putting them into these categories. When I inquired about the overcharge and incorrect descriptions the manager I spoke to decided he would terminate my account, then promptly hung up on me. Apparently your casino thinks they have the right to take money from people, that being my $277 of real deposits I have made. Even now I do not see a refund from your casino, and for the record I have not disputed the charges with my bank. I would like to give you the opportunity to do the right thing before I need to go down that path.

posted on November 23, 2015.

Hi motard1,

Our Escalation Managers have reviewed your discussion with the Customer Service Manager you spoke with. The Customer Service Manager attempted to explain the rules to you several times, however, you continued to argue, rather than take the time to understand what it was being told to you. Rather than accept the offer to re-set your balance, you made the threat of charging back your deposits (which now, you have admitted to, here in this thread at AskGamblers). Once a player threatens disputing charges, the conversation is over and we take swift action to close that player's account(s).

You requested a withdrawal in the amount of $400. Had this withdrawal been approved, we would have subtracted the non-cashable bonus, which amounted to $145, leaving you a total withdrawal amount of $255. While we are not honoring that withdrawal, we ARE refunding your $277, representing your deposits. So in truth, you are actually ahead of what you were expecting with your withdrawal.

Please be patient with the refund, as with processing, refunds take a bit of time. You will, however, receive the full refund.


posted on November 24, 2015.

I appreciate your decision to refund my deposits. I must state however that I did indeed listen without interrupting, the manager I spoke with when he went over the rules. The rules do not mention restrictions on winnings, or even the word winnings in relation to bonuses. My only admiting to disputing charges was related to the facts that the charges descriptions are very cryptic and did not reflect the actual amount I approved for deposit, they were always a higher amount than what I requested, these reasons are what I mentioned disputing.

At any rate if you have decided to refund my deposits then I will honor this as resolved and satisfied with the result, but will not do so until I see the money returned to my account. As soon as I see the money returned I will post the results here on 'askgamblers'.

Thank you and have a nice day.

posted on November 28, 2015.

Did you received your deposit back, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.