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21 Nova Casino - Refused £4,000 Withdrawal, support lied and gave me the runaround

Posted on January 24, 2015.

I have been self-excluded from William Hill twice over the past few years, however they have let me open 3 or 4 accounts since then. Yes, I know I have a problem so I do the best to take control of it.

Recently I opened an account with 21 Nova, and didn't realise it was William Hill until the deposits were taken. Upon opening an account I had an email from them saying I did not need to verify my identity because they had done so already.

Following this I processed a withdrawl for £4,000 having lost £4,500. As soon as the withdrawl was processed I received an email asking for copies of the card associated with the account, and my driving license with proof of address.

This wasn't a problem, I sent all of these in, and following this 21 Nova became increasingly tricky. The following day I called the 21 Nova phone number a total of 27 times, and 26 of those times I was diverted to a William Hill call centre that could not access any 21 Nova accounts or help me in any way, frustrating to say the least.

When I finally got through to 21 Nova, with the intention of asking them why they are clearly holding onto my funds without reason I was lied to and told no documents had been received. I then gave the operator the time and after asking him on 4 separate occasions to check, he FINALLY admitted they had the documents. I then received further emails saying no documents had been received and blatantly lying in order to take advantage of a compulsive gambler such as myself. I am amazed at not only the fact they let me open the account having 'verified' who I was!? But also the fact they held onto the deposit because they knew full well given my illness I would lose it, and yes that's what happened.

But it doesn't stop there, it gets even better. Whilst on 21 Nova I received a pop up notification saying I was one of the lucky 64 players who had won a share of the Everyones Jackpot, currently over £200,000+. The way in which this worked was the winner won 70% and then 30% was distributed among all other qualifying players, and I was 1 of 64 of those. You can guess what happened next... no funds were showing in my account so I emailed in, 21 Nova only wanted to know if I had "proof" of this such as a screenshot, and unfortunately I didn't so yet again I had been taken for a ride, thank you very much William Hill and 21 Nova. Personally I know I have a problem, but when you self-excluded from somewhere and have a ROGUE CASINO such as 21 Nova keep your withdrawl for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL, that is basically fraudulent. I am interested to see what is done here, and to be honest given I was happy to withdraw £4,000 I believe as 21 Nova REFUSED that withdrawl illegally I should at least be refunded that amount, if not the entire amount given I was self excluded with a total of 6 accounts. It's a disgrace, you RE-TARGET ADVERTISING worked a treat, now I have lost a fortune and you've profited from this knowing full well the problem I have and how this could be exploited for the profits of the company. I cannot wait to hear your reply?

Posted on January 24, 2015.

Dear @takenadvantageof,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on January 24, 2015.

I received a very cleverly worded email from a manager at William Hill. They did not even mention the fact 21 Nova HELD my withdrawl illegally, and they have basically told me where to go in so many words. It's pretty shocking how these big brands can operate now, if I was a customer looking at 21 Nova I would avoid it like the plague, they have stolen £4,000 from me without any explanation at all.

Posted on January 24, 2015.

I have also been in touch with a handful of law firms to see if I have grounds for negligence, given 21 Nova refused to process my withdrawl - even though my identity was verified.

I have written to the manager of 21 Nova in an effort to resolve this. If this is not resolved i will post the updated here and also look at taking this further on the grounds of negligence. Let me make this very clear, 21 Nova REFUSED withdrawl even though i have an email on file verifying my identity and outlining the fact no more checks were needed, this is a huge FAILURE on there behalf and I will not let this drop or be stolen from, regardless of how big they are.

Posted on January 24, 2015.

PROOF 21 Nova had verified my identity almost a week prior to my withdrawl request.

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