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Silver Oak Casino - Refuse to payout

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Disputed casino Silver Oak Casino
Reason Declined payment
2Blessed32 United States Message
Posted on November 28, 2014

Hi. My name is Michelle, I have been playing at this casino for awhile. Now the thing is I finally win after constantly playing and they refuse to payout. My first winning was $ 600.00 dollars which they tried to say it was not mine then when I tried to withdraw it said 0.77¢ so I was like is they serious, which I will include that screenshot in just a little bit. Now since I was a little upset. I said that I will go and play a little more since they act like they have not seen all the emails I sent requested my funds more then five times. Right before I decided to play a little more I read someone review on this same exact casino where she said they wiped her credits away. She said she got up to $ 5,000 and was sent a promotion coupon. Sucking her into playing again. And she said less the five minutes her credits went from 5,000 to $0.00. I was like wow that can't be true, I didn't believe her, but guess what I went did. I went played and the game is called Tycoon I was hitting bonuses back to back. Racking up a good $ 1.732.00 dollars, and I snapped shot it. And right after I did that I hit spin once more. And it happened while I was looking at the screen. They wiped all my credits away. I complained to then so much until it was ridiculous, this own everything. This casino is scamming I begged and pleaded for my payout.lord knows I did. I said I will settle just for the $ 700.00 just please pay me, I have kids thanksgiving & Christmas coming up I need my money and to top it off I won it fair and square, I said it just like that. Then said lord have mercy on you all. After all my emails they requested documents, documents sent over and over playing with me. Now I'm struggling after getting my hopes all high thinking my kids will have everything I promise. If they can accept credit cards, they can payout if the customers win, life too short for all this misusing people. All I want is what is owed to me. I was being nice by letting them keep $ 1032.00 since they all hesitant to payoff. But since I have to go through all this I want my whole $ 1,732.00. They can live up to the right way of doing things, then this casino needs a grade F and it needs to be banned from the website. Here is my attachments. AskGamblers please help us who put trust into these get overs

Posted on November 25, 2014

Hi 2blessed32,

The reason you are unable to make a withdrawal is because you ignored our terms and conditions, which are very clear:

Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. If you have redeemed one No Deposit Bonus and are subsequently offered another one, a real-money deposit needs to have been made in the interim for you to be eligible to redeem the second No Deposit Bonus.

11/7/2014 6:31:51 PM - 43161016 - Coupon redeemed - 64LOVE
11/7/2014 6:16:31 PM - 43160323 - Coupon redeemed - OEKWA
11/7/2014 5:48:59 PM - 43159311 - Coupon redeemed - HOMERUN
11/7/2014 2:05:13 AM - 43137521 - Coupon redeemed - OAK85
11/7/2014 1:53:04 AM - 43137225 - Coupon redeemed - SOAK125NOV
10/8/2014 2:55:06 AM - 42040254 - Coupon redeemed - APPRECIATION
10/8/2014 2:43:01 AM - 42039814 - Coupon redeemed - PLS50
9/26/2014 6:29:05 PM - 41643435 - Coupon redeemed - TOURNAMENTCHIP
9/23/2014 6:05:50 PM - 41528093 - Coupon redeemed - 20FREE

As I've posted, you've redeemed NINE free chips consecutively without ever making a single real money deposit. It is because of this that your withdrawal was denied and all funds confiscated from your player account.


2Blessed32 United States Message
Posted on November 25, 2014

That is not true whatsoever, I redeemed the 64 Love coupon only, those other coupons that are being falsely put up was played under my boyfriend account, saying I ignored terms. I did not ignore anything. This casino felt I was winning more than expected that's why my account was wiped out. However you look at it, terms was all met and that's why so many say you guys get over. When I first played I played for free first, I kinda liked it. I borrowed $ 30.00 dollars from my mother to try my luck. This casino tries to take me fast and it did, it's hard to get those bonuses if you don't stop the reels yourself every now and again. When I lost my $ 30.00 thats when I tried my luck with the 64 LOVE coupon and became lucky after using my own strategy as I mentioned before out the reels. The thing is I got a little to lucky with that coupon. I won fair and square and you guys don't want to fess up, so you rather hide and pull together things that all not true at all. Just not to payout. Casinos like this should really be removed. I'm not the only one you guys tired pulling this with. And whoever behind the scamming these people, who tries to get lucky so they can pay bills e.t.c. May God Have Mercy On Your Soul. That was my money fair and square I repeat, this casino know it and just don't want to deliver but constantly taking. Ain't right at all.

Posted on November 26, 2014

Hi 2blessed32,

It's always frustrating when we have to deal with this sort of complaint, as there is no merit to it. You are not being truthful, as you have NEVER made a single real money deposit into the casino--you (or your boyfriend) have only used free chips in this account. I will be forwarding screenshots of your account activity to AskGamblers management to buttress this point.


Posted on November 28, 2014

We got evidence from the casino that you can clearly see what no deposit bonuses this player acquire. Due the Terms and Conditions of the casino player breach terms regarding bonuses. We consider this complaint resolved.

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