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Super Casino - Refusal to pay legitimately won bets

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Super Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount £ 645
graham81 United Kingdom Message
Posted on January 11, 2015

I signed up to SuperCasino on 28th November last year and made my first bets on 11th December. I was watching the live roulette on Channel 5 and got involved because at least i could be sure it was straight and not some dodgy software. It turns out even live TV casinos try to cheat you out of money. I logged in at 2am and deposited £400. My strategy when going to live casinos is always red or black so i did the same here. My first 2 bets lost for amounts of £40 and £80 respectively. I had a further 4 bets which won for amounts of £160, £50, £75 and £80. So my profit was £245, account balance £645. I totally forgot about the casino for a while until i needed the money after Christmas. I logged in to the account and tried to withdraw the £645 and was told i couldnt because the money was part of my bonus and i needed to bet a further £15,000 before it was released! They also mentioned that i was placing "low risk bets". These were even money shots!! I wasn't betting a 1/20 shot by covering most of the numbers. All my bets were even money. I placed these bets legitimately and my balance never dropped below my initial deposit of £400 so at no point was i ever betting with house money. This is a total scandal. Im not even attempting to claim any bonus at all. I just want the bets which were struck entirely 100% fairly to be honoured. I know bookies want to win all the time and the punters aren't supposed to but this is absolutely scandalous. Have we got to trek out to physical casinos these days just to get treated fairly or what???

Posted on January 7, 2015

We can confirm that the player joined on the 28th November. When joining the player opted-in to receive bonuses, and played with the £15 free signup bonus. On 11th December the player made a deposit of £400, receiving a bonus of £400.

The player placed a total of 6 bets to a value of £445 during his first session. The first deposit bonus carries a wagering requirement of 25x bonus + 25 deposit (capped at £200 deposit). Therefore the player's total wagering requirement was £15,000. The player's remaining wagering needed before being able to cashout on the bonus was £14,555.

Since then on the 6th and 7th January the player has continued to play - bringing his balance to zero as it now stands. As such the player has lost the bonus all winnings.

We would like to confirm that when playing with cash there are not any bonus restrictions - players can deposit, play as many bets as they wish and withdraw their balance. Unfortunately as the player has lost all funds on the account we would consider this resolved.

As a goodwill gesture for a new player we are happy to offer a cash bonus on his next deposit. If he wishes to take us up on the offer we would ask him to reply directly to our complaints team, who he has already contacted.

Best Regards,


graham81 United Kingdom Message
Posted on January 7, 2015

I did not "opt-in" to receive bonuses. On the registration form the bonus box is pre-filled in so you have to actively untick it in order not to receive them. So what you actually mean is "the customer did not opt-out of receiving bonuses". I was tricked into accepting so called "bonuses" and i never would have ticked that box had i known how utterly unfair the bonus terms are.

Why are they even called bonuses?They are effectively a wagering contract which is massively in favour of SuperCasino. I was never allowed to take my winnings and quit even when i found myself ahead. I never even dipped into the bonus funds and i couldnt take any winnings. Had i begun losing then the funds would have been instantly deducted from my balance.

When you accept bonuses on SuperCasino what you are effectively doing is locking yourself in a gambling prison where the only way out is to bet more and more to try to reach the wagering requirement. Mine was £15,000. You couldn't make it up. I only deposited £400 and wanted to have a few bets and get lucky and take my money. Once you've bet £15,000 you're almost bound to have lost given the house edge. You will gradually get ground away by the odds as happened to me when i lost my funds last night.

The bonus box should not be pre ticked and i consider this to have been sharp practice at the very least.
If there is a warning within the terms and conditions explaining what bonuses actually are AND the box is unticked then at least customers have made their own choice. I was fooled and lost £400 because of it.

I will never be having anything to do with SuperCasino again.

Posted on January 8, 2015

While we understand the player like many players would prefer to play without bonuses, the player did opt to receive bonuses. The player first played with the free signup bonus only returning to deposit 2 weeks later. Unfortunately the player has now wagered and lost all funds on the account.

We do urge everyone who joins to read through our terms and conditions, specifically our bonus terms - which we provide a direct link to on our registration page. Our bonuses, like all online casino bonuses, are not cash - they do have wagering requirements and other terms that need to be met before being able to cashout.

We have offered a goodwill gesture to resolve the issue with the player but as of yet we have not received a reply. We would like to confirm the offer still stands.

Kind Regards,


Posted on January 11, 2015

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