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Raging Bull Casino - Three Payments Still Due

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Raging Bull Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 7500
Posted on December 10, 2019

First Raging Bull complaint very effective, was paid the majority of what was owed.

But complaint closed by AskG with six $2,500 payments still due.

Why closed, I still don't understand.

I'm still owed three $2,500 payouts at this point. I'm a bit confused about which requests link to which approvals, but the last three withdraws I made were 9/2/19.

One was approved 9/30/19, the second approved 10/30/19, and the third I do not know if approved yet.

I look forward to getting to the bottom of this.

Thank you.

Posted on December 13, 2019

One down, two more to go.

Received $2,500.

Thank you to whomever is responsible.

Now two more $2,500's and we'll be done.

Posted on December 17, 2019

Hi Ronnie--

You're welcome. ;-)

Regarding your next withdrawal, this is scheduled to be issued to your wallet, tomorrow.

I'll be back in a few days with the transaction details and news on your final withdrawal...


Posted on December 21, 2019

Hi Ronnie--

As promised, your next withdrawal was issued to your wallet, Wednesday: 12/18 Paid $2500 (0.37645372) + no Service fees Bitcoin for transaction #64614310.

Your final withdrawal is scheduled to be issued on the 27th. I'll be off next week, but I'll be sure to come back with the transaction details, once I return to work. ;-)

Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday...


Posted on December 21, 2019

Yes, next to last payment received.

Happy Holidays to you as well.


Posted on December 24, 2019

Looking forward to final payment on December 27.

Thank you.

Posted on December 27, 2019

$2,500 payment received on 27th as promised.

Tawni can you please verify there are no unauthorized / unapproved withdraws remaining ?

Thank you.

Posted on January 4, 2020

Hi Ronnie--

Everything is now up-to-date--there are no further withdrawals pending approval or payment. ;-)

I wish you all the best and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Posted on January 4, 2020

Dear @Ronnie1985,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly. Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS terms providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on January 7, 2020

I'm satisfied that I've gotten all my withdraws, it's ok to close this complaint.

Thank you.

Ronnie < last name removed >

Posted on January 8, 2020

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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