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Raging Bull Casino - Payment not sent to me after everything approved and verified

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Raging Bull Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 1960
Posted on December 9, 2019

I made a withdrawal request back in September. After submitting submitting all the paperwork and documents to get my account verified and all documents approved (something I had to do 3 times) it is now 3 months later.

I sent in my bank details for my wire transfer as there is no other option made available to me for a withdrawal. Found out via email raging bull cannot work with Chase Bank. Or bank of America, Wells Fargo or any Intermediary banks.

"Please send alternate bank wire info"

Well I can't. That is my bank, I only have one. Since none of that is my fault and I have no control over it I should be offered another way to receive my funds. I paid via Visa credit card, which I had to verify after to get the withdrawal.

I noticed in another complaint on here someone asked to have it put on their card -to which you replied wasn't possible- however the end result was him getting his money put back on his Visa card much to your surprise. I need another way to recieve the funds. You don't even offer a list of banks you do work with so I can't very well just go open another bank account even if I wanted to.

Posted on December 9, 2019

Dear @KP3,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

Posted on December 9, 2019

The withdrawal is in the amount of $1,960. I am assuming that is after they took out bonuses and whatnot, the original withdrawal request was 2500 but that is the amount put back into my account at raging bull. Also here is attached screen shots of proof they have the ability to put it back on a credit card.

Posted on December 13, 2019

Hi Kimberly--

I apologize for the difficulties you've been experiencing with this.

What you've posted as 'proof' that we have the ability to pay to credit cards is not really proof, in your case. This is only available to players in Australia, which would preclude you from being paid with this method. Paying online gambling winnings to US players is simply not possible--not only with our casinos, but any online casinos outside the regulated states.

With this in mind, in order to have your withdrawal sorted, we will need a different bank account. I would highly recommend Citibank--outside of this, I cannot make other recommendations.

I will be sending you a new wire form, shortly. Once you've secured a new bank account, please go ahead and send me your wire details so I can take care of your withdrawal.

All the best,


Posted on December 17, 2019

Dear @KP3,

Please let us know if you have cooperated the casino and sent the required paperwork. Please be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time AskGamblers Complaints Team will have no other option but to reject this complaint upon submitter's unwillingness to cooperate.

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