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Purple Lounge converts my deposit into bonus

posted on January 25, 2012.

This it's about , starts on 28.06.2011 when I made a deposit of 250£.

They converted a part of my deposit into bonus proportional to some 'wager requirements residue' of my past casino activity .

The retroactivity of wager requirement applying to other next deposits isn't a rule specified in T&C,and I even wasn't noticed about the convertion of my deposit.This is one email in which they explain the situation :

Hello Dan,

We spoke on chat last week about that you had made a deposit of £250, and instead of everything going to your cash £178.51 went to your bonus balance, and £71.49 to your cash balance. The reason for this is because when you played on 13th of June you still had a wagering requirement of 5,355.30, which is 30 times the bonus. Because you didn't meet these requirements from the previous bonuses, the system has automatically put £178.51 into your bonus which equals the amount you need wager to release this bonus, which is 5,355.30.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kind regards


Purple Lounge Support

After this I contacted Purple Lounge Casinomeister rep. and I get the following :

Dear Dan,

As you can see from the attachment I sent you last week, your final balance was reduced to 0 before you made your deposit on the 10th and 13th of June (highlighted in blue).Under normal circumstances once you have spent your cash and bonus balance any wagering requirements return to 0 however as you had a game in play the wagering requirements remained on your account. This is all that has happened.

I have removed the bonus balance with the wagering requirements leaving you with your cash balance.

I hope this is a little clearer. If you would like me to send this your financial audit to your email address again please let me know.

Kind Regards,


I am amazed by Purple Lounge lack of empathy . I tried several times to point the situation with Sam but I ged the same redundant response.

Being so disappointed I decidet to contact LGA Malta on 02.aug, 2011 .

On 20.sep I get first relevant response from Blenheim Frances at LGA "

Dear Dan,

I have been reviewing the information you supplied and the information Purple Lounge supplied.

You are stating you have not received any explanation from Purple Lounge and Purple Lounge are stating you have been informed and a explanation was provided to you.

In your e-mail dated 25th August 2011 you mentioned you had attached some print screens of mails you wanted me to read and file of your gameplay history, there were no attachments with this mail.

Can you send them to me please? In the meantime I am going back to Purple Lounge to request documented information of where they believe they explained the matter to you.

I await the attachments you refer to.

Thanks in advance



I send another mail with all printscreens attached individually . Since then I have no response to this situation , I think LGA ignored the printscreens , their investigation being based only on Purple Lounge statement .

Last days because of this big waste of time and energy induced by Purple Lounge I decidet to reguest a withdraw of £71.49 and abandon the case .

I hope this story will reach many other players who intend to play at Purple Lounge . I'll be happy to know that someone will avoid a similar situation because of my story .