Planet 7 Casino - Please, just pay me!

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 8, 2016.

Here is the complaint I most recently sent to the casino.
I have met all requirements, sent all documents, arranged everything to receive international wire transfer to my bank. Still nothing.

Hello, withdrawal was approved for payout on June 10. I was told on the 28th that, for some undisclosed reason, that " your request hasn’t been processed yet so I sent it to our escalations department, they are the ones who handles late/delayed payments." This, after having been assured that, upon approval, my payout request would be processed by then.
Okay. I submitted all information necessary for wire transfer and was assured it was proper and complete.
But, I was told, "Unfortunately there is a delay with payments due to an increase on the amount of withdrawals in our casino group from last month ", which is none of my business and certainly none of my concern.
I have NEVER EVER waited a month for a payout, in more than 10 years of online gaming, not even when waiting for a check. Especially not when waiting for a wire transfer!
The last line of your latest email was, "However, I can assure you will receive your winnings."
Yes, but when? Are we to assume that ALL the terms of payout, then, that we read upon joining the casino are untrue? Sounds like the runaround to me. And pretty dishonest, to be blunt.
So....DO YOU EVEN PAY ANYBODY? If not, just say so, and I can simply go to another casino from another group.
Just curious....

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 11, 2016.

The amount of payout owed me is $2375, the amount promised after "fees" on a win of $2500.
I have, again, been told it was approved on June 10 and that it would be immediately sent to processing. Contacted them again on June 28, and was told that "for some reason" it hadn't been sent to processing. THey then said they were escalating it, which meant it would get immediate processing because it had been delayed. Then, having sent all the necessary documents and bank information for a wire transfer, the additionally said my payout would be faster than waiting for a check, and should process in 7-10 days.
NO PAYOUT. AND now they aren't even answering emails.
I just want my promised payout on a $2500 win, which is $2375 after their "fees".

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 11, 2016.

I am attaching emails that went between me and Planet 7 reps. It's easy to see they are making one excuse after another; after my latest emails, I have received no responses.
I DO NOT WANT A CHECK FROM THEM because their checks have been known to be disputed by banks, so I sent in all the information they requested, which they acknowledged, for a bank wire transfer. I receive international bank wire transfers frequently in the course of my business and they DO NOT take weeks to arrive!
All I want is for them to complete my promised payout of $2375 ($2500 withdrawal, less "fees") via wire transfer into my bank.
Thank you so much.

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 12, 2016.

I got an email today from Planet 7 claiming that delayed payments are very rare for their casino, and that their processors are inundated with payout requests.
Here is their email and my response.

posted on July 14, 2016.

Hi SVM1088--

Boy oh say I'm embarrassed by those emails would be a monumental understatement.

I'm not a fan of being less-than-honest and clearly the person responding to your queries needs a lesson in being a bit more above-board. I'm genuinely sorry for this. Also, I'm sorry for all of the delays and frustrations. In my opinion, it's bad enough things are back-logged, but to receive those sort of replies, well, it's inexcusable.

I've had a look at your account and I do see that your wire was sent off yesterday. I would expect you'll see this reflected in your account no later than early next week (hopefully, before week's end).

If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact me here, via PM.

I wish you all the best,


SVM1088 United States
posted on July 14, 2016.


I truly appreciate your prompt and very kind reply.
I will certainly alert you the moment my payment appears, completed and in full, in my personal bank account.

Best regards and, again, many thanks.

posted on July 18, 2016.

Hi SVM1088--

I just wanted to follow-up on this (although perhaps a day early) to confirm if you've received payment?

As I mentioned previously, I'd expect the payment will appear in your account today or tomorrow.

Thanks again,


SVM1088 United States
posted on July 18, 2016.

Hi, Tawni,

As of today, no. I have not received my money.
I sincerely hope it arrives tomorrow; according to my research, a wire transfer sent on July 13 should be here by then.
Thanks for following up. I'll let you know AND post here when it arrives, paid in full.

Best regards,

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 19, 2016.

Dear Tawni,

Well, to my disappointment (but NOT to my surprise), there's nothing from Planet 7 in my bank account AGAIN today. But then I'm pretty sure you know that already.
I have been sent no tracking or ID number of any kind referencing the supposed wire transfer that I was told was done last week.
I've been gaming online for over 10 years, and there is no explanation for any payout (approved since June 10) taking this long, period, and NO explanation (according to my bank) for even an international wire transfer to take this long.
But hope springs eternal and I checked my bank again and...nothing. Again. Of course.
If this money is just not coming, and I truly believe it is not, PLEASE just say so.
Knowing I've been ripped off would be easier to deal with than repeated disappointments.
How about a reference number for this mystery wire transfer??
Just tell me something true...PLEASE?!?

Stephanie Moore

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 19, 2016.

I received an email today from someone named Lea from Planet 7 and I (SURPRISE!) got it just a short time after I posted the above comment.
I am attaching a screen shot of it as well as my response email.
Her email said:
"[email protected]
12:58 PM (3 hours ago)

to me
Dear Ms. Moore,

We hope this email finds you doing well.

We tried sending a bank wire to the information you provided us, however it was rejected.

Let me inform you that we will try to resend your payment using another processor.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me again if you require any further assistance, I will be very honored to help you.

Thank you for playing with us. We appreciate your preference and confidence towards our business.

And thanks again for choosing us!

Kind Regards,

Escalations Manager."

My response:
"Upon what basis would it be rejected? Certainly, if that is so, you would receive a reason for it being declined.
And, of course, no confirmation number for this alleged attempted wire transfer was ever sent to me. This, too, should be available.
Further, all the bank information I sent you was true and correct. And, according to my bank, if you in fact sent a wire transfer on July 13, as I was told, you would have been notified of any problems with transmission of it well before today.
Finally, my bank has NO record of any attempted wire transfer into my account. They tell me there would be a record of such an attempt, had it been made, which I now wholeheartedly believe never happened.
Again, I ask that you simply tell me the truth---just once.
As for now, as far as I'm concerned, I have been scammed by you. If I do not receive my payout by the end of the week---which, according to my bank is more than ample time to send and receive an international wire transfer---I will know that I have been.

Stephanie Moore"

Again, these two emails are attached to this comment.

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 19, 2016.

FURTHER, I find it somewhat telling that, after I posted here on ASKGAMBLERS, and NOT from my email, I got a response through email but not here on ASKGAMBLERS.
This is why I have been sure to attach the emails; they did not post their response here, but rather through private email.

Stephanie Moore

posted on July 20, 2016.

Hi Stephanie--

I'm home right now, so I'm unable to look at your account until morning to see what happened. What I DO know is that Lea is our top Escalations Manager. Because of the issues with support you'd experienced, she wanted to do the right thing by contacting you directly. She does not have access to respond to this thread. The timing of her email vs. your posting is nothing more than sheer coincidence, as Lea has no time to be trolling websites and forums. Please don't beat her up for attempting to do the right thing with this.

Further, I work very hard to get all issues resolved--yours is no different. No one is scamming you and you will absolutely receive your withdrawal.

I will speak with our Finance Manager in the morning to see exactly what has happened with your wire and I will update here as soon as I have information.


SVM1088 United States
posted on July 21, 2016.

Please don't "beat her up"?? Just because I just want a straight answer?
C'mon. I have heard every story there is from several people there since June 10.
The problem we have is this: I did not present myself as a casino, promising to pay winnings to its members. Your organization did that, and then didn't adhere to your own rules.
So yes, I'm beyond ready to have anyone there tell me anything true, and to include documentation of attempts to pay---it should be quite easy to sense why I'm a bit frustrated.
Again, my bank has no record of any attempt to pay my account. Further, I double-checked the wire transfer information sent to you; it is all correct and current.
So if you were in my shoes, you'd think it was pretty fishy, too.
And yes, Lea did conduct her message in a most professional and courteous fashion, which I appreciate, but certainly it is understandable that I'm a little bit fed up.
I have NEVER had such a delay in online casino payouts and NEVER not been given documentation of funds transfers.
I continue to wait for something of certainty and, of course, my winnings.

Stephanie Moore

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 21, 2016.

Oh, and Tawni:

Whatever became of "I will speak with our Finance Manager in the morning to see exactly what has happened with your wire and I will update here as soon as I have information"?
That was two mornings ago.
I still await a reference number or SOME kind of confirmation that my money has been wired.
I cannot imagine why this isn't being taken care of. I really can't.

Stephanie Moore

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 22, 2016.

My money appeared in my bank this morning!
Thank you, Planet 7, for making good on your promises.
Great to know there's support for us here!
Again, thanks to ALL!

posted on July 22, 2016.

Hi Stephanie--

I apologize for my delay in response. I'm doing the very best I can to handle your complaint and everyone else's.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to explain in detail what has happened with this, as it will involve private information from both your side and our side. I would be emailing or sending you a PM explaining things fully, however, you've been posting communications and as a result, I'm not confident you'd not publish sensitive information.

To that end, what I can say is that your particular bank has been difficult to get wires sent through to. We are attempting this one last time with a different processor and fingers crossed, this will get through. If a problem still exists, the only option we will have is to send a check.

The wire request was sent to the processor, late Wednesday, which should have them sending it off today. Hopefully, you'll see this in your account early next week.


SVM1088 United States
posted on July 23, 2016.

Hi Tawni,
If you'll see the comment posted by me immediately above yours, you'll see that the wire came through today.
So thank you very much for your help; it's been really difficult, but we got it done.
Thanks again!

SVM1088 United States
posted on July 23, 2016.

Oh, and Tawni---

Be assured that I would NOT post sensitive information; I didn't throughout this entire thread.
I was angry, never stupid.
Thanks again.


posted on July 23, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.