Planet7Casino Doesn't Pay On Free Chip Wins

posted on January 12, 2011.

I opened an account some time ago with Planet 7 Casino due to an email I recieved encouraging me to join, and as a reward I would be offered a Free Chip to play with. It was not my lucky day and I did not win anything at that time so I went back to playing at my usual casino. I then received another offer from Planet 7 with a new coupon code inviting me to play with another free chip. This time I won over $1000 and opted to request a withdrawal of $1000 and used the remainder to continue playing. after about a week I checked the status of my request as I had not received any message from the casino regarding it. When I asked customer service they told me that they would not pay out because I had used two free chips back to back without making a deposit in between. When I asked why they would invite me to play with a free chip if I was not elligible to use or why they even allow you to redeem a coupon code when you are not elligible to receive the winnings I was told that it is not within their capabilities to control this.

Now to me this sounds like a major setup. They hound you with emails of free play offers, deposit bonuses, etc. that seem all to be designed to work against each other. This casinos offers are all smoke and mirrors created soley to manipulate the players.

Don't waste your time taking advantage of any of these so called "bonuses" from Planet 7 as you'll never see a dime from them and if they refuse to pay on relatively small amounts from prospective new members, I can just imagine how many hoops need to be jumped through by the poor souls foolish enough to waste their own money at Planet 7 to see a payout of a jackpot!