Planet7 Casino Does Not Pay Tournament Winners

posted on January 11, 2011.

In December I entered a Slots Tournament at Planet7 Casino which ran the entire month and much to my delight I was well in the lead throughout the month. The tourney was to end on Christmas eve but when I went online to check the standings that night a message popped up saying that the tourney had been cancelled and my entry fee returned. There was no explanation as to why this tournament was cancelled and no response to my queries.

This is extremely frustrating as I stood to win about $400.

I am so completely awed by the fact that in the roughly two week period in which I was playing at Planet7 I got ripped off twice! How does a site like this continue to operate with such unethical practices and poor customer service?

My advice to all players out there is to AVOID Planet7 alltogether, there are plenty of reputable sites to play at where they will payout as readily as they will accept deposits and you won't be left feeling the need for a long cry and a hot shower.