Planet 7 Casino - Refused to Pay

posted on December 21, 2013.

I've never made a deposit at Planet7 because I always felt they were a little shady... however, I continually get phone calls and emails for a 290% bonus, in addition to an

occasional email offering a free chip for $50 or $100 with a play thru restriction and a withdrawal limit of no more or no less then $100. I do use the free chips, and always lose... except for 1 time when I managed to meet the play thru requirement and win $100.

And guess what?.... they refused to pay me because they said I never made a deposit (which was never part of the 'free' chip requirement). My initial suspicions of this site have been confirm, and my advice would be to find a legit online casino... there are plenty of good ones.... unfortunately, this is not one of them.

posted on December 23, 2013.

Dear Player:

According to the Casino you have redeemed multiple free chips in a row totaling $325 in free money; no deposits in between free chips as required. Please keep in mind that casino rules state:

"Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. If you have redeemed one No Deposit Bonus and are subsequently offered another one, a real-money deposit needs to have been made in the interim for you to be eligible to redeem the second No Deposit Bonus." http:/­/ww­w.p­lan­et7­cas­­m/t­erm­s-c­ond­iti­ons.php

Therefore and as per casino rules winnings on last free chip have been voided.


AceRevenue Team

posted on December 24, 2013.

 Redeeming multiple free chips is not allowed per casino rules! Nothing to help about it, complaint solved!