Planet 7 Casino - Payouts and check cashing

posted on April 17, 2013.

I have some concerns. I won on March 15th, and decided to request my withdrawal. My request was first declined and approved in 3 separate amounts instead of the total. I was told that the check would arrive via Fedex and I would receive a tracking number. I never received a tracking number but today I did receive the first check out of 3. It came via fedex in a gold envelope and inside was a money order and a yellow slip of paper stating do not cash at atm, take to teller or check cashing place. I took to the checking cashing place and they told me it was counterfeit, they held the check and made me a copy. So I called the casino while I was there, I told that the I was told the check was counterfeit. The casino manager then told me that the check was good but I should not have went to the check cashing place, it can only be deposited into a bank since it is international. I have to argue with the lady in the check cashing place to give me the actual check back. Finally after speaking to her manager they gave me the check. I am now concerned that the check is not real and will cause problems with my bank. I have seen several post about other people banks rejecting the check and rejecting wires. I still have 2 more payments coming and need to know if this is a legit check. I see online also that many people had to get money gram or westernunion payments made weekly to them until the balance was paid. I do not want my account to be close because of check fraud. Please confirm that the checks are good, and that you will not be cancelling the checks right after you have sent the payments out. Thanks

posted on April 19, 2013.

Dear Player:

Please just follow the instructions that come along with the checks and you will not have any further problems. When depositing the check please do not mention it comes from a gaming company either.

The second payment for $1020 has been processed 4/14/2013 12:37:11 PM and you should be receiving soon as well.

After checking the account we've noticed there is only 2 cash-outs and not 3 as stated. You've won $2250 but please keep in mind that bonus redeemed is non cashable so $210 were removed from your cash-out. $2250 - $210 = $2040 (two payments of $1020)

Best Regards

AceRevenue Team

posted on May 26, 2013.

 Player is payed and complaint solved!