Planet 7 Casino - Blocked my account, unable to request a withdrawal

Ashley Zwolinski United States
posted on May 21, 2016.

I have been blocked by planet 7. I tried to withdaw my winnings and now I can't even talk to anybody in what to do to resolve my issue. I did receive an e-mail saying that they did not block me. However I get this response whenever I try to contact anybody or hit withdraw. I can deposit money. I just want my 550 that I won. Please help!

posted on May 25, 2016.

Hi fb_873749649418321--

I'm not certain what happened, but that message did not come from our side--that may have been a product of your anti-virus software.

In any event, I've looked into your account--you're in good standing and I do see that you've been able to access your account after your post here (on May 23rd). Unfortunately, there's no withdrawal pending for approval, as you've now played those funds down.

I wish you all the best,