Parasino Casino - Payment Sits as "Pending" Long after agreed period

Tatters2613 United Kingdom
posted on February 18, 2015.

Given me awful advice and lied to me. Only afterwards did I see on this website they did this to others before me and it's still un-resolved.

I had £530 to withdraw. They told me to open a UKash account, withdraw to there and go to a cashpoint and get the money. I did this in good faith and UKash told me that as they'd been paid in Euros I couldn't use their cash withdrawal facility. I made it very clear to Parasino on the Live Chat I'm in the United Kingdom and was this an option and they said yes.

I called them and this was told to me over the phone. I then spoke to Parasino who insisted UKash were "lying" and I could use their currency converter feature. They simply insisted UKash were wrong about thier own product!

Anyway I then had to re-deposit the money back into my Pasrasino account via UKash deposits, and do a bank transfer. This will take 24 hours maximum to leave my betting account, and after that is with me in say 5/7 days. Bit of a pain but hey ho..

It's still sitting there as a "pending" withdrawal in my account on Parasino and nobody responds to me on the Live Chat and they have no phone number. It has been there for 5 days and counting now, despite me being told before I withdrew it that it would be sent within 24 hours maximum. This is also the time-scale stated elsewhere.

What to do to get my money back and then never use them again? The standard of the English language used on the Live Chat is laughable (it has actual made me laugh out-loud at my work desk at times) and they are very unhelpful and somewhat un-intelligent.

How do I get my money back now I'm at this point?

posted on February 20, 2015.

Payment for the user, was processed and sent to user according with terms and condition after all checking necessary on 19th of February , as he requested.

posted on February 24, 2015.

Did you receive your winnings, can we close this complaint? Thank you.

posted on February 27, 2015.

It's a nice practice to confirm if your complaint is resolved or not, thank you.