Raging Bull Casino - Payment declined

Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 22, 2015.

I read terms & conditions if accounts from singapore is accepted,also iplaying on raging bull casino.
And i won $150 using code no deposite bonus 50ndb.
Then i do payment request "

Dear Aravindh ******­***­***­***­*****,­

This email confirms our receipt of yo­ur payout request via Neteller­ for the amount of ­$ 173.00 USD­ at Raging Bull Casino for your Account ­ID locie**­. We will review your request shortly an­d you will be notified by email when you­r payout has been processed.
Please bear in mind that the default ­pending period is 24 hours. However, wit­hdrawals could remain in a pending state­ for up to 72 hours in the event of long­ weekends and the occurrence of banking ­holidays.

If you have not already sent us your ­verification documents, please furnish u­s with the relevant documents as this wi­ll speed up the withdrawal process. You­ can find the form and directions for it­ here - https:­//w­ww.r­ag­ing­bul­lca­sin­o.c­om/­for­m.pd­f

* Only the first 4 and last 4 digit­s of the card are required.
* If your gaming account was funded vi­a a method other than credit card, then ­the authorization form may be ignored.

You can cancel payout requests before ­they are authorized for processing, by l­ogging into your account and accessing t­he cashier/banking center or by contacti­ng Customer Services.

Website:­ http:/­/ww­w.r­agi­ngb­ull­cas­ino.com­
Email:­ [email protected]
Phone:­ 1-800-920-0726­
Thank you for your patronage.­
-The Staff at Raging Bull Casin

But them rejected my payment request with reason "

Hi Aravindh,­

My name is Dean and I am the finance man­ager at Raging Bull Casino.

We have picked up that you have register­ed your account in Singapore but you act­ually are from Indonesia and you are mas­king your IP address.

For this reason we will be rejecting you­r payment and banning your account.

Your Neteller deposit will be returned t­o your account.

Best regards,..

I think they were just looking for an excuse not to pay me.

Please, help me askgambler.

posted on September 23, 2015.

Hi Aravindh,

Thanks for logging this complaint. You are 100% correct in stating that we allow players from Singapore. However, you registered an account stating that you from Singapore, but our records show that you are masking your IP address and that you are actually located in Indonesia. Your Neteller ID also points back to a Neteller account in Indonesia.

So please may I ask Ask Gamblers to please close this case as wel will be more than happy to make all the proof available?

Thanking you in advance!

Bes Regards

Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 23, 2015.

Thanks for reply.
evidence of what you want?
just because I'm using my friend's NETELLER account .
you reject the payment.
this is not fair.

Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 23, 2015.

Please note,
before I play casino , I have read the terms and conditions .
and I do not break the rules bonus.
but when I won $ 150 and then pulled.
you refuse to pay because I use the NETELLER my friend .
please check my ip :

posted on September 23, 2015.

Hi Aravindh,

You might have adhered to the terms regarding meeting wager and making a verification deposit. But that's where it all went pear shaped. Your transaction log shows that you use an IP range from USA, our Neteller log shows that the transaction is from a Neteller account registered in Indonesia. We tried contacting you to do a verification call but the number which you provided us with is incorrect.

Please feel free to explain the above to me!


Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 23, 2015.

Of course.
I have done deposite using NETELLER account Indonesia , because I do not have a NETELLER account itself .
then it was my phone number can not be contacted , because it was in Indonesia in place of my brother .
if you still are not going to pay my money the casino wins .
does not matter,
but you will be handicapped casino gambler in the world.

posted on September 25, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

Could you please provide me with an email address that I can send proof to?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,


Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 25, 2015.

You just look for the defense of another person raging bull .
do not believe in the raging bull .
they just want you to believe if they were true .
but in fact they are not able to pay the casino the player .


Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 25, 2015.

Aslo i sent valid documents as proof my address..but they with not reason rejected my payout request.

posted on September 25, 2015.

We remove your attachments because they contain your personal information, and our service is public so anybody could see them.

posted on September 29, 2015.

Hi AskGamblers.

I have sent your support team an email with all the details for review.

Please let me know if it is suffucent evidence and if we may consider this case closed.

Best regards,


Locie77 Malaysia
posted on September 30, 2015.

do not affect others , I would be happy if you pay my money the casino wins

posted on October 1, 2015.

Hi Locie77,

I trust you are well.

I have forwarded emails to askgamblers as they requested and will patiently wait for them to respond.

Best regards,


posted on October 1, 2015.

Based on the evidence and details provided by the casino representatives regarding this case we could confirm the following:

1/ Player failed with the required phone verification.
2/ Player registered an address which matches the address of a company that player does not even work at
3/ Player used a Neteller account registered in another name.
4. And finally, player used an IP/s resolving to a location in the USA, not in Singapore.

Considering all the above our conclusion is that casino acted according to its own Terms&Conditions and more specifically to its term #24 - "Raging Bull Online Casino maintains a zero-tolerance towards fraud of any kind and we have stringent policies in place to identify and eliminate fraudulent behaviour. The casino reserves full rights to investigate any activity which can be deemed as fraudulent or abusive."

We consider this case as Resolved in casino's favor. We recommend player to seek a further assistance from the casino's licensing authority in case player is not satisfied with our final decision regarding this complaint.

The complaint is now officially closed.