PandaBet Casino - Funds COnfiscated + account locked

posted on December 16, 2013.

Hi there,

I have signed up with for the first time and I took the 7 free bonus. I played it through and I managed to be able to cash out 50 euro. They told me that I couldn't cash out because they had to send me the letter to my home address and to contact them on Monday which I did. They told me that my account was suspended and the funds confiscated (I have 548 Euro but only 50 cashable which was fair enough from the free bonus). I have asked them why and they told me that my IP matched to another ones.. In their TC's there's is/was nothing mention about the IP whatsoever.. Can you please help me out.. I really want to know why they didn't pay me and I thing they are a very rogue casino and unfortunately they're and Microgaming casino.

Please help me out to take my money ! I also agreed to deposit and start to play with them but they confiscated the win and closed my account

Thank you and best regards

posted on December 18, 2013.

As a representative of Pandabet, I write in response to the above complaint. It is stated in the Pandabet Terms & Conditions that only one bonus is claimable per household and per IP address. Please see below for the relevant excerpts:

1.4 […] New registrations or active accounts over time who approach Pandabet over a similar IP address as other (Different) existing Pandabet accounts will be closed and any remaining balance suspended. Also these accounts are not eligible for any bonus. Multiple accounts signing up/in with Pandabet while using the same IP address can under no conditions or circumstances be reinstated.

3.1 Unless otherwise indicated in the promotion communication, participation in each promotion is open to players from any of Pandabet™ platforms but is limited to one per person, family, household, address or organisation to whom we send the promotion communication.

The customer’s account was closed for the following reasons:

On 25.11.2013, a customer registered and requested to claim the Pandabet €7.00 No Deposit Bonus over the Live-Chat. The customer provided photographic ID as a form of verifying their account and they were awarded the bonus to their account. No winnings were accumulated by the customer from this bonus.

The following day, there was a separate request over the Live-Chat for the €7.00 No Deposit Bonus from a customer with a different name and address. Again, the customer provided photographic ID and the bonus was awarded. Our systems then detected that both accounts were registered and accessed through the same IP address. Upon comparison of the correspondence from both players, there was strong evidence to suggest that the player was in fact the same person. The accounts were both closed as a breach of the aforementioned Terms & Conditions and the customer was advised of the reason. The customer then proceeded with a torrent of abusive, foul and threatening language over the Live-Chat and email.


Executive Support


posted on December 19, 2013.

There was nothing mentioned in your TCs about the IP thing..I guess you updated them as soon as you noticed that many players take advantage of it! Another issue is that you didn't have ANY terms for the 7 free bonus. Nothing! Nothing! |Nothing! no disclaimer, no links whatsoever! Please provide Ask gamblers the IP addresses I've used to play with you! You should ask pay me because you didn't act as you should've. You're a very ROUGE casino! And yes I may have used inappropriate words since you have blocked my account and access to the live support to ask them further information ! You didn't send me not even ONE e-mail with what happened, you acted like communists.


posted on December 19, 2013.


posted on December 20, 2013.


As a representative of Pandabet, I write in response to the above comments.

First I would like to make clear that our general Terms & Conditions are not updated and that IP regulations are mentioned throughout the general T&C.

Regarding the bonus T&C of the Allfre­ech­ips­7/B­igf­ree­chips7 bonus; The rules of this bonus are provided on the designated affiliate website since this bonus is solely available to players referred by this affiliate(s). Putting a notification of this bonus on our website would conflict with the exclusivity of this bonus.

We feel that the summarization of the above comments made very clear what the essence of this story is.

Again we receive serious accusations of being rogue. You admit to have used foul language and continue doing so.

Further your quote “you noticed that many players take advantage of it!” would suggest that you were trying to abuse our offer which is solely provided to enhance your gaming experience with Pandabet.

We stay with our decision and the accounts will stay closed.

posted on December 20, 2013.

Dear Representative,

If askgamblers allow me I will post here the link with the bonus review. there's nothing stated in in the review nor any TCs! I haven't abuse the bonus because it was the first time I took it! you cannot accuse a person of abusing smth since he took it only once. All the verification were provided to fulfill the bonus accreditation requirements. I have used a bad language only towards the casino because you are really a ROGUE company. My account was locked only after I asked to make a cash out whereas you system may have detected immediately if I was using some person's details and the bonus wouldn't have been credited!!!! That's for sure!!I have waited 3-4 days to make the cash out and when I contacted the chat they simply told me that I cannot make a cashout since the account will be closed and any remaining funds confiscated! NO EMAILS NO COMMUNICATIONS! This also makes you a ROGUE casino and a bad image to you company!

Regarding to you comments to my notice:" you noticed that many players take advantage of it!” I clearly said that is the reason why you changed your terms and conditions! And of course people would take advantage of the offer because you are a MICROGAMING Casino a company with a strong reputation (of course there are always companies like yours that will try to blurry their image) Moreover taking advantage of the offer doesn't necessarily means that you ABUSE it! Where did you learn meaning of the English terms, if I may ask? Is this the way you always interpret things?

Furthermore, your systems should have detected it within seconds and the account should have been blocked immediately, but no let's make him deposit , play and if he will ever try to cash out will be BAD for him! Don't fool people with these interpretations is clear that is you fault and you should pay me and give me the possibility to play with you again!

ROGUE is not an abusive language!

posted on December 20, 2013.

I forgot to mention that a company that wants to make a good publicity to itself doesn't act like this! If you were really a GOOD company you should have blocked my account immediately and you shouldn't have let me to get the bonus! That;s for sure! A good company would have done that! Why did you closed the account only after you seen that I wanted to make a cash out? WHy didn't you close the account immediately after registration if I was using and IP address that matches to another? Why did you wait to request a cashout? Why did I could play with you? Why you don't pay me ?

Please provide clear answers and stop quoting and interpreting things!

posted on December 20, 2013.


I've just got this email from PandaBet Casino (norep­[email protected]­pan­dab­ :

Change password for access to pandabet.

Click on the link in this mail and follow the instructions to set your new password


If the link does not work, go to the url below and paste the code at the bottom of this mail into the input field



Is perhaps someone trying to access my account? The links doesn't work

posted on December 20, 2013.

As a proof that there are no terms and conditions about the 7 free bonus I have sent to ASKGAMBLERS the link to the bonus and a screen shot where it can be seen that there are no terms and conditions!


posted on December 20, 2013.

We have received categorical evidences from PandaBet Casino that at least two accounts have been registered and claimed the no deposit bonus from one and the same IP. This is more than enough to close this complaint as it is clearly stated at the casino terms and conditions that:

1.4 All new Pandabet™ customers are eligible for both the Casino and Sportsbook bonuses. New customers do not include re-registrations. Frequent bonus offers can be claimed per individual account. New registrations or active accounts over time who approach Pandabet over a similar IP address as other (Different) existing Pandabet accounts will be closed and any remaining balance suspended. Also these accounts are not eligible for any bonus. Multiple accounts signing up/in with Pandabet while using the same IP address can under no conditions or circumstances be reinstated.

Full PandaBet's General Bonus Terms and conditions could be found here and our check confirmed that they have not been updated recently.

Unfortunately, in addition to the above we have to mention that the player has used appalling language against the casino representatives and we obliged to remind that this is against our own terms for submitting a complaint at AskGamblers. The same foul language and insults have been used by the player in his communication with the casino support agents in multiple occasions.

Based on the above this case is considered as successfully resolved and the complaint is now closed! complaints

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