Odissey with Grand Reef Casino

stepauli Italy
posted on January 20, 2014.

This is my exprience/odissey with Grand Reef Casino:

8th of octobre 2013: I won 200€ and requested after a deposit with a prepaid credit card, and I discovered that withdrawals will be paid through wire transfer or bank draft, but they told me I will be paid through my prepaid card, so I was ok with that.

A lot days after nothing happened so I asked for news about my request, they told me they couldn't pay me thourgh my prepaid card but only via wire transfer, but I don't have a bank account;

3rd december 2013: I opend a new bank account and when I got it I told them my new data, but I didn't had it active yet and I specified it and soon tell them when it will be active;

19th december 2013: they told me they processed it but they had troubles and told me "te transaction was returned due to Invalid Beneficiary Account" but my account wasn't already active!!;

23rd december 2013: I got the final activation code finally and told the casino my account was ok but...

9th january 2014: ... no news, I asked them again something, they confirmed me that I've been paid already. I asked them when it has been processed and paid and to provide me transaction id for the operation, their last reply was this one:"Thank you for bringing your most recent concern to our attention with regards to your withdrawal. Kindly note, we have already paid you £200.00 which was transferred to you on the 03/12/2013 under the transaction code 221537343. Please allow time for this international transaction to clear before you receive the funds. Kindly also, check this payment with your bank and confirm with them if this has already be paid in your account. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. You have been simply fantastic and we look forward to celebrating more brilliant wins with you soon!!". How can it be possible if on the 3rd of december I just told them I was going to open my new bank account?

posted on January 22, 2014.

As you have noted in the comments below, we are in contact with you to successfully process your withdrawal.


Grand Reef Casino

posted on August 30, 2014.

We got an information from the casino that you were paid on 3rd of December 2013, but it was problem with a money transfer because of that delay occurred. Dear @stepauli, can you confirm, thank you.

stepauli Italy
posted on August 30, 2014.

Hello! absolutely yes, i confirm it.
Thanks and regards.