Silver Oak Casino - Not Receiving my Withdrawal Funds

Mitzi Barham Richardson United States
posted on January 5, 2016.

I requested a withdrawal of $1,000.00 out of an in excess of a $2,000.00 winnings on 11/27/15. I left the other $1,000.00 in my casino account and played it out. They STILL TOLD ME I WOULD ONLY GET $746.00, even after I played the other $1,000.00 out. I provided all the documentation they requested 2 days later. They told me it would take 7-10 days after my request and another 7-10 after approval for withdrawal funds to be issued. After multiple emails I was finally advised my withdrawal was approved on 12/14/15. I received an email providing instructions on cashing a check on 12/28/15 and was told I would be provided tracking information. I haven't heard a word since. Is this how all the online casinos work their withdrawals? This is definitely unsatisfactory. I am becoming very disappointed in Silver Oak Casino and will definitely have bearings on my future play at Silver Oak Casino. When can I expect payment of my withdrawal?

posted on January 9, 2016.

Dear @fb_10­368­892­063­63875,

Any updates regarding your complaint? Thank you.

posted on January 12, 2016.

Hi fb_10­­368­­89­2­0­63­­63875,

Our records confirm that the payment was sent for processing on 1/7 and the tracking should be available in just a few days.

As you are a VIP customer, your host will be contacting you (or may have already) to explain the amount of payment.

All the best,


posted on January 15, 2016.

Dear @fb_10­368­892­063­63875,

Did you receive your winnings, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.

Mitzi Barham Richardson United States
posted on January 16, 2016.

I received my funds yesterday afternoon. However, the fans was issued on a Canadian bank, and I am required to wait for another up to 12 weeks for my bank to have a US check issued. Thank you for your assistance.

posted on January 18, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.