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Posted on May 16, 2014

Email corespondance please read from below up as can be seen they just dont want to pay for one reason or another it doesnt state anywhere on the site before depositing this is their payment method

Thanks for looking into this for me

Dear Hugh, In reply to your message, we thank you for the information you haveprovided us with so far, and we inform you that our payment agent cannotfurther process your well-deserved winnings without the copy of your bankstatement. Moreover, we assure you that your recent transactions have nothing to dowith your withdrawal request and we, thus, confirm that it is notnecesaary for them to appear on your bank statement. Please kindly note that our electronic payment agent requires an officialdocument from your bank, or a bank statement, on which we can see thebelow listed bank account information: Account owner:Bank Account Number:Bank code:Bank Name:Bank Address:Bank City:Bank ZIP Code:Bank Country:IBAN (Routing Number):BIC (Swift Code):Bank Account Currency: We remind you that this official document is necessary for an officialtransaction, like your withdrawal. Our agent processes such transactions by following standard proceduresthat aim at securing your online transactions. Hoping you will find this information useful, we look forward to your reply.We are always at your service, Best regards, Stephen Customer Service Casino770 E-mail: financ­ial­@ca­sin­o77­0.c­o.u­kHo­tline: 02 07 19 35 596(From abroad: +44 number: 20 74 19 57 11(from abroad: +44/(0­)­)ht­tp:­//w­ww.c­as­ino­ It's always a pleasure to play!

On Thu, June 16, 2011 12:22, Hugh Armstrong wrote: I have already given you a lot of personal information such as 1.Full Name2.Full Address3.Credit card photos of front and back4.Bank details including sort code and account numbers5.Telehone numbers6.ID Card I have never used your organization before for all I know you could begathering this infromation for fraud reasons A print out of my bank statement will not give the required informationand if I was to send it I would also delete all recent transactions asthey are none of your concern therefore I dont see the point in forwardingthis information as it is usless and would be a blank peice of paper withthe bank nmae on it I have contacted my bank and they have assured me that if your paymentagency use the details I have given them then it is impossible for thispayment to go into the wrong account Therefore please contact this payment officer and ask for the money to beforward to my account or please provide details of your bank andaccountant so my bank can run a full check against fraud and contact himdirectly Kind RegardsHugh Armstrong

> Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:08:56 +0200> Subject: RE: Your withdrawal request> From: financ¬≠ial¬≠@ca¬≠sin¬≠o77¬≠0.c¬≠o.u¬≠k> To: hughar¬≠mst¬≠ron¬≠[email protected]¬≠¬≠>>> Dear Hugh,>>> Thank you for contacting us.>>> We would like to draw your attention upon the fact that our payment agent> is in charge of the transactions made on our site and he decides the> payment method by means of which a withdrawal request is processed.>> Therefore, we inform you that in case you deposit using a Visa credit> card, your withdrawal may be processed either by credit card or by bank> transfer.>> Moreover, in case of withdrawal requests processed via wire transfer, our> payment agent requires a copy of your bank statement, in order to ensure> the transfer of your winnings into the corresponding bank account.>> We wish to also inform you that it is the policy of our payment agent to> require copies and the purpose is that of ensuring the security of your> on-line transa¬≠cti¬≠ons.>> And last but not least, we assure you that for any question or concern> that you may have, we will gladly assist you.>> Best regards,>>> Stephen>>> Customer Service Casino¬≠770¬≠>>> E-mail: financ¬≠ial¬≠@ca¬≠sin¬≠o77¬≠0.c¬≠o.u¬≠k> Hotline: 02 07 19 35 596> (From abroad: +44> Fax number: 20 74 19 57 11> (from abroad: +44/(0¬≠)¬≠)> http:/¬≠/ww¬≠w.c¬≠asi¬≠no7¬≠70.c¬≠o.u¬≠k>¬≠>> It's always a pleasure to play!>>>

On Thu, June 16, 2011 11:36, Hugh Armstrong wrote:¬≠>>>> Can you 100% garuntee that if I deposit money into my account using my> visa debit/credit card that I will be able to withdraw moneys that are in> my account back to that visa debit/credit card without the information> requested below or is the information below being requested in order that> you can delay or not make payments>> Please also provide me with a contact name and number for complains as> this is being dealt with very poorly and please ensure they understand> English>>> Mr Hugh Armstr¬≠ong¬≠>>>> Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 11:17:22 +0200>> Subject: RE: Your withdrawal request>> From: financ¬≠ial¬≠@ca¬≠sin¬≠o77¬≠0.c¬≠o.u¬≠k>> To: hughar¬≠mst¬≠ron¬≠[email protected]¬≠¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> Dear Hugh,>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> Thank you for your messag¬≠e!>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> In reply, please be informed that our payment agent will start>> processing your winnings, the moment you provide us with a bank>> statement or with a print screen of your bank accoun¬≠t.>¬≠>>> Should you wish to provide us with a screenshot which includes your>> banking details, please make sure that it includes the following>> inform¬≠ati¬≠on:¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> - your first and last name>> - your IBAN and BIC/SWIFt code>> - your bank account curren¬≠cy>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> The sooner we receive this information, the faster our payment agent>> will start processing your winnin¬≠gs.>¬≠>>> Please note that you can only be refunded on your Visa credit card if>> you make an additional deposit on our site with that card.>¬≠>>> We are always at your servic¬≠e,>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> Best regard¬≠s,>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> Vanya>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> Customer Service Casino¬≠770¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> E-mail: financ¬≠ial¬≠@ca¬≠sin¬≠o77¬≠0.c¬≠o.u¬≠k>> Hotline: 02 07 19 35 596>> (From abroad: +44 20.71.9¬≠3.5¬≠5.9¬≠6)¬≠>> Fax number: 20 74 19 57 11>> (from abroad: +44/(0¬≠)¬≠)>> http:/¬≠/ww¬≠w.c¬≠asi¬≠no7¬≠70.c¬≠o.u¬≠k>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> It's always a pleasure to play!>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>>

On Thu, June 16, 2011 10:59, Hugh Armstrong wrote:­>>>­>>>­>> Dear Kayla>­>>>­>>>> I dont have a bank statement as I only bank online, and do not have an>> internation bank number­>>>> It seems to be very diffucult to withdraw money form you site which to>> be truthful is very off putting as I do sport beeting for £1000 at a>> time>>>> Would it be possible to reister my visa debit card on the site without>> depositing £30 so I can withdraw the money using this method as>> appartently on Mastercards required bank transfare (there should be a>> statement waring customers of this before they deposit) altern­ati­vel­y>> can you post me a cheque instea­d>>­>> I look forward to your reply and having this matter sorted before I>> place or use you site for future bets>>>> Kind Regards>> Hugh Armsto­rng­>>>­>>>­>>>­>>>

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 09:51:43 +0300>> To: Hughar¬≠mst¬≠ron¬≠[email protected]¬≠¬≠>> From: financ¬≠ial¬≠@ca¬≠sin¬≠o77¬≠0.c¬≠o.u¬≠k>> Subject: Your withdrawal reques¬≠t>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> Dear Hugh12345 ,>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> Thank you for choosing Casino¬≠770¬≠!>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> We inform you that your ¬£ 155 withdrawal request will be processed via>> wire transf¬≠er.>¬≠>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> In order to complete the transfer, our payment agent requires that you>> send us a copy of your bank statement. Please note that the copy of your>> bank statement must contain the Swift code.>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>> You may send us this copy by fax at (+44) 207 419 5711 or by e-mail as>> file-attachment, indicating your e-mail address or userna¬≠me.>¬≠>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> We would like to thank you again for the confidence you have shown us>> by choosing Casino¬≠770.>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>> Best regard¬≠s,>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> Kayla>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> Customer Servic¬≠e>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>> 770 Group>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>> Click here to contact us>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>>¬≠>>

Posted on June 16, 2011

Dear Hugh,

By means of this message we wish to inform you that your withdrawal request will be processed tomorrow and you will, thus, receive your winnings within the time limit stated on our site.

Moreover, given the fact that the deposit you have previously registered on your player account was made via MasterCard, our payment agent could not have known your bank coordinates, which are, however, necessary for transactions via wire transfer. Thus, a copy of your bank statement could provide our payment agent with the required data.

In addition to this, we wish to remind you that this document will not be required for further wire transfer withdarwals, unless you change your bank.

In the end, we wish to remind you that our Customer Support can be contacted via e-mail or telephone, and all our contact details can be found on our website. Given this situation, we are in no way obliged to answer to our customers on various forums, as all their personal details are confidential.

Nevertheless, this was an exception to the regular procedure and we kindly invite you to contact us directly at "[email protected]­cas­ino­" with any question or concern that you may have.

Best regards,

Customer Service Casino770 

Posted on October 4, 2011

Due to innactivity of complaint submitter, this complaint will be considered as resolved.

Feel free to contact AskGamblers Support if you want to reopen this case.

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