Planet 7 Casino - Payment delayed for over a month

Lucylu United States
posted on July 27, 2016.

My $2,500 withdraw was approved on 6/16/16. First I was told that a paper check was the only option...then I was actually happy to be notified that my money would be wired instead. My VIP host informed me that I would have my funds in two weeks. He told me that on 6/21. Since then, and despite depositing over $1,000 since then, I was told via email that my acct is no longer hosted by the VIP dept. I can only talk to customer service now, and they have zero information on withdraws. I'm beyond frustrated.

posted on July 31, 2016.

Hi Lucylu--

I'm very sorry you've experienced delays with this--I certainly understand your frustration. Now that I'm involved, I believe we'll have things sorted out for you, quickly.

As it's the weekend, I'm home and I do not have access to your account until I go into the office, Monday. As soon as I get in, I'll check the status on your withdrawal and do whatever necessary to move things along. I'll be sure to post an update here so you're kept up-to-date.

All the best,


Lucylu United States
posted on July 31, 2016.

Thank you for the reply Tawni. I look fwd to hearing from you on Monday. Thanks again...