Slots of Vegas Casino - Not able to redeem bonus as offered on website

Weesenga United Kingdom
posted on January 20, 2016.

Firstly may I just say that I have previously used a No rules bonus, won and was able to withdraw with no issues. I have also used the No rules coupon codes before, won but didn't withdraw as I used all the winnings. Before I registered with SOV I read the terms and as a UK player, thought I would be OK.

Until this morning. They offer a code for a 350% no rules bonus which I redeemed and deposited for this morning, when I checked my balance I received the bonus but with a $7k plus wager requirement! This is on a $52 deposit! I went to query this on chat and I've attached the chat script below.

They said the coupon come with wager f 30 times and a max cashout if 10 x the deposit. I.e $500. And that no UK players are entitled to use No rules bonuses, and apparently never have either. When I questioned this I was sent a link to the terms and given a list of their restricted countries. I pointed out I was able to cashout from a no rules bonus before abd was told this was an exception. I also pointed out I've used no rules bonus and none came up with wager requirements except for the value of bonus isn't cashable, and I keep be offered these type of bonuses, I was told everybody gets them! At no point during the withdrawal on the no rules bonus in December was I told I wasn't actually eligible for this as UK is restricted, nor that they made an exception for me.

Th bonus code I used today is advertised in the promotions tab in my account as no rules yet this was changed to the above wager requirements once redeemed.

Now I've read in here this happened to someone in Norway he's was told they are restricted but he never knew this, Norway isn't on the list I was given this morning but uk is? I can't remember ever seeing it and if it was there I wouldn't be playing at the casino anyway!!! Here is chat transcript. He also offers a free chip for their sister site. But apparently UK are not allowed to redeem free chips either! Going by the updated list I was sent.

I've requested a refund of my deposit this morning and also any deposits I made using so called no rules coupons. I also want this refund asap and with no fees. This is really bad.

[01:54:18] info: Please wait for a Slots of Vegas agent to respond.
[01:54:23] info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Bryan'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.
[01:54:25] Weeroni : ******­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­*****
[01:54:30] Bryan: Thanks
[01:54:33] Bryan: I was checking the account
[01:54:34] Bryan: 350% Match Bonus
[01:54:34] Bryan: VIP's Only
[01:54:34] Bryan: All Allowed Games
[01:54:34] Bryan: 30x Playthrough
[01:54:34] Bryan: 10x Max Cash-Out
[01:54:34] Bryan: Redeem: VIP350
[01:54:34] Bryan: Deposit $30 or More
[01:54:38] Bryan: That is the promotion you used
[01:54:54] Bryan: Unfortunately players from United Kingdom are not able to use no play no max promotions
[01:55:11] Bryan: I can change the promotion for another one with restrictions
[01:55:17] Bryan: IMPORTANT: Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Pontoon 21, Baccarat, War and Pai Gow poker are not allowed to be played with any promotion
[01:55:42] Weeroni : I have used a no rules bonus before and won and was paid out.
[01:56:11] Bryan: Yes it was not allowed but since the deposit was made we allowed the payout to be processed
[01:56:19] Weeroni : I wanted to use wizards350 I was emailed that offer but it wouldn't redeem
[01:56:33] Bryan: At this moment we cannot make another exception
[01:56:36] Weeroni : Nowhere in your rules does it state that
[01:56:55] Weeroni : Please point me in the direction of where it states that
[01:57:18] Weeroni : And why do I get sent no rules offers? I
[01:57:33] Weeroni : No one said that when I withdrew
[01:57:56] Weeroni : And I've used no rules coupons before and not won
[01:58:29] Weeroni : I'll be complaning about this on ask gamblers this isn't right.
[01:59:06] Weeroni : Hello?
[01:59:31] Bryan: I'm very sorry to keep you waiting, please keep in mind that we handle several chats and phone calls at the same time, thank you for holding.
[02:01:23] Bryan: Sorry to hear this
[02:01:26] Bryan: https:­//c­hat­win­­fo/­ter­ms/­cou­ntr­ies­-gr­oup­-1.pdf
[02:01:34] Bryan: The link is on the website
[02:01:41] Bryan: https:­//w­ww.s­lo­tso­fve­­m/r­ule­s.php
[02:02:02] Weeroni : When did this apply and can you tell me why I've been able to redeem a few no rules bonuses?
[02:04:23] Weeroni : Can you answer the question please. And refund my money I do not wish to play anymore and will close my account. Complaint being registered with ask gamblers today.
[02:05:17] Bryan: Sorry you feel this way
[02:05:21] Bryan: For verification purposes, please provide me with the following information:
[02:05:21] Bryan: a. Date of birth
[02:05:21] Bryan: b. Mailing address, including Zip Code
[02:05:21] Bryan: c. Full name
[02:05:43] Weeroni : ******­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­*******
[02:05:54] Weeroni : ******­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­***­*****
[02:06:58] Weeroni : Why do you send no rules offers to me then? And why have I redeemed them before?
[02:08:43] Bryan: Thanks for holding. While you wait, why not check out our sister casino, Ruby Slots? You can try them out with a $50 FREE CASINO CHIP. Simply redeem code TRYTHEM50 for $50 FREE to check them out! Thanks again for holding. I will be right back. Click here... http:/­/ww­w.r­uby­slo­tsm­­m/s­pec­ial­-1.php
[02:09:59] Weeroni : No thanks. Please answer my questions
[02:10:28] Bryan: Sorry the bonuses are sent to all active players
[02:10:43] Bryan: You are able to redeem them in the system since it is a active promotion
[02:10:54] Weeroni : Yes can you answer my question please
[02:10:54] Bryan: But it is up to the player to know the casino rules before playing
[02:11:15] Bryan: I will send the request for the refund , I apologize for the inconvenience
[02:11:24] Weeroni : Why would wizards350 not redeem then?
[02:11:39] Weeroni : When was this effective from?
[02:12:31] Bryan: Since you are from UK and you are not able to use no play no max promotions
[02:12:51] Weeroni : Oh and I want my refund processed immediately not in 14 days please.
[02:12:58] Weeroni : Since when?
[02:13:10] Weeroni : OK I'll raise thus with ask gamblers
[02:14:28] Bryan: I have requested the refund for the deposit , and this rule has been in effect for years
[02:14:41] Weeroni : Cab you email me this chat please
[02:14:56] Weeroni : Why?
[02:15:47] Weeroni : When will I get
[02:15:51] Weeroni : My refund
[02:16:01] Weeroni : Why are UK players restricted?
[02:16:31] Bryan: We do not handle refunds that is with another department ,
[02:16:45] Bryan: Once information is available they would contact you via email
[02:17:08] Weeroni : Well I want it back asap and why are UK restricted
[02:18:31] Bryan: UK is one of many countries that are not able to use those type of promotions
[02:19:00] Weeroni : Why? Asking
[02:19:21] Weeroni : I would like all the deposits I've used on no rules codes back please
[02:19:57] Weeroni : I've redeemed them and it had no playthrough this is the first this has happened
[02:20:10] Weeroni : Please email me this chat when it finishes
[02:20:34] Bryan: I would not know the reason why , the request for the last deposit was made

Weesenga United Kingdom
posted on January 24, 2016.

I've still not heard back from them about my deposit and my account is now locked so I cannot access to request a withdrawal myself. I have spoken in chat tonight with someone wasn't very helpful but did point out I had 2 accounts. Fair enough but I obviously don't use one of them and must have forgotten about one when I opened the other one? I received an email today in the dormant account name saying I'd reached "year one" in achievements and I'm a regular player with 35 points. The chat handler couldn't assist me in providing other information on my account and why I received an email to the other user name. Just said loads of emails are sent out. I asked her for copies of the chat as I clicked off too soon. But I asked her before I clicked off and then again when I went back on and she said she couldn't. I pointed out a colleague of hers was able to email. She didn't answer and just said have a great day, bye.
If they've closed my account what happens to my recent deposit that's in there and not used? I'd like this back in full. And the question about the email answered.

posted on January 25, 2016.

Hi Weesenga,

I understand you've previously used a 'no rules bonus' and were able to withdraw, while you're in the UK. For whatever reason, our system did not recognize this and you were able to slip through with this.

The term disallowing the 'no rules bonus' in the UK has been in effect for quite some time now--it is nothing new. You can see the entire list of countries, and whatever restrictions they may carry, here:

You have now been informed by our staff that you will no longer be able to redeem any further 'no rules bonuses' and we will do the refund for the $52 deposit.


Weesenga United Kingdom
posted on January 25, 2016.

OK. Your system allowed me to redeem lots of no rules bonuses though. Anyway I'd like to know when I will receive my refund and if it will be for the full amount. No one has replied to my emails and the chat host last night was not very helpful. I have also not received an answer about the email sent to a dormant account stating I'm a regular player and I've made an achievement on your achievement program, whatever that it. It says free chip after getting so many points however surely you shouldn't be offering this to UK players if they can't withdraw from free chips?! And emails offering either free chips or no rules bonuses to UK players shouldn't be sent either, that's unacceptable. Enticing people to deposit for something they can't actually use. Can you explain why I've received an email in s different user name staying please as I'm a bit concerned about this. I play under the username I've got on here and I'm concerned about this email being sent.

I hope I don't have to wait a month for $52 to be refunded.

Kind regards

posted on January 28, 2016.

Hi Weesenga,

Regards to your refund, it is already processed and I would imagine you'll receive it early next week--if not sooner.


Weesenga United Kingdom
posted on January 30, 2016.

Hi, refund received yesterday. Thank you Tawni. Still no answer about the email issue and I'm still receiving them.

posted on February 1, 2016.

Hi Weesenga,

First, I'm happy to hear you've received your withdrawal. ;-)

As far as the emails, we've stopped them on our end, however, we have no way of stopping emails being sent by our affiliates. My best suggestion would be is to opt out of the emails and if you continue to receive them, please forward them to me at: [email protected] o m (remove the spaces in the .com) Once I receive these, I can hunt down the affiliate and ask that you be removed from their mailing list.

I hope this helps.

All the best,


posted on February 3, 2016.

Hi Weesenga,

Thank you for sending me the email and as I've explained in my email to you, I'm looking into this and will absolutely ensure this is sorted out for you, once and for all.

All the best,


posted on February 5, 2016.

Based on the player's comment regarding the received refund we consider this case as resolved and officially closed.