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Grand Reef Casino - Non payment for two weeks!

Posted on September 13, 2016.

Hi...I made a withdrawal at Grand Reef Casino on the 1/9/2016 of $3,900 AUD

There were a few complications and errors on behalf of the casino sending me out the deposit confirmation forms as a result there was a slight delay..however eventually everything was sent off that was required of me in order to have my withdrawal processed and sent to me promptly.

I had been checking on the withdrawal everyday..seeing if there were any changes..anxiously waiting for it to leave pending withdrawal..but no such luck. I was polite and patient with all support well as the Pitboss Riley.

I received an email this morning stating that $400 has been taken out of the pending withdrawal and sent to me..and the remaining $3,500 was taken out of pending and placed back into my account. I had to place it all back into pending. So this means I will most likely be stuffed around having to wait even longer..and send through all my documents again. Ive just been told I am on a payment plan that was without my knowledge placed onto me...until when? I have made withdrawals similar to this amount before and always been paid in full...I have never been placed on a payment plan.

Throughout the past two weeks I have been stuffed around, lied to, missinformed. I had been wanting to take my 6 year old son away on a suprise holiday for his birthday in a week with these winnings..and now will most likely have to cancel my plans. Its unnaceptable. I have been a loyal member to this casino for years. And I cannot believe this process I am being dragged through is always the same excuse everytime. I would like some answers as to what is happening with my winnings!

Posted on September 13, 2016.

Since writing this complaint I have been in contact with the casino over the past. 15 hours straight speaking to multiple support staff..getting the ring around about my pending withdrawal. Several emails were sent to support, the pitboss, cashier and the manager along with a phone call and messages sent throughout the day. I have been overly persistant and anxious after reading such dissapointing reviews of late in regards to this casino..of which I have been a member of for quite some time.

I managed to finally have a customer support staff member by the name of Collin look furthur into my account and contact the my situation was in his words handled very poorly. As a result an extra $1000 had been sent to me from my pending withdrawal along with the $400 stated above. I am as yet to receive it..and the remaining balance seems to be in I will keep you informed once I receive my winnings. Please leave this open until such time

Posted on September 14, 2016.

Hi...just an update. I have received today the $400 and also $1000 that was sent yesterday. I was in contact with Support this morning and unfortunately told the remaining $2,500 is still currently on a payment plan..however supposedly Collin from Support is currently still handling my account and trying his best to have the remaining amount from my withdrawal sent to me promptly...however I am not sure if this is just so I leave it be for the moment..or something is definately being done to rectify the issue. I'm sure if I can be sent $1400 there should be absolutely no problem having the rest sent to me..and nothing to justify being on a payment plan whatsoever.

Please keep this open and I will update if and when I hear anything new regarding the matter.

If the remaining balanace is processed and sent to me promptly then I will be happy to give Grand Reef Casino a promising review after much persistence..though not needed and should not be warranted..something is being done to move this painful process along

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