Parklane Casino - Refusing to pay & deliberately stalling account closure

wiekos Netherlands
posted on September 22, 2016.

Where do I start????
1) I have a pay out of €1000,- pending since almost 2 weeks. They keep stalling it. Need new proof of verification etc over and over again and not reasonable
2) send an email to close account in april twice. They didnt respond at all
3) closed all accounts with this affpower group at osiris in juli, see my other complaint. But this account is still open, allthough I have asked 30 times to close it. They have my verification also on osiris, but osiris has my number and parklane not and they use those records cause they called me today on mobile, while my number is not written in this account!!
4) account can only be closed aftee the payout is not pending anymore.. Mine is pending for two weeks almost and lost more than €1000 again cause of that.
5) they don't act like a responsible casino cause of that. Why can't you close your account or set a limit on it when you have a pending withdrawal???? Someone on chat even told me a limit has consequences for my withdrawal??!
6) they owe me first the €1000,- pay out and second all the money I have deposited since I have asked for permanent closure minus the €1000,-
7) they stall and stall and stall. Then they need a drivers licence back part, than a credit card, while i deposited with bank etc etc
8) act like they don't have received my documents, but send it several times. Also to a cashpot mail, cause they mailed me about the payment with that email. This cashpot answers sometimes as parklane and today they say i am with the wrong casino!!!
9) this is in my opion not a good casino to spend your time, cause they stall payments and don't act responsible by shutting your account when you ask on chat. How many times do you have to ask??? Check reviews here cause many people have the same problem. Chat says mail
It and when you do, they don't respond or say something else to stall!!!

Do not go here, is my advice!!!!!!
Parklane, I want the €1000,- and an agreement on the deposited money when i have asked multiple times for permanent closure and you don't do it!!!!!!!!!!

Act repsonsible please and give me my money back and close the account now permanently!!!

wiekos Netherlands
posted on September 26, 2016.

Watch out here!!! And watch out with their other brands!!!! Still not able to close account. And again 300 deposited!!! Asked again and again to chat. Al they say is mail. So tried to mail again. Can't mail them suddenly because of spamfilter?????? Close the account!!!!!

Now the accountmanager david is really acting strange!! He ended the chat by saying cheers!
Can't close my account since i have a withdrawal request, he is telling me, but he told me i will have the €1000,- in 1-3 days. So what does that matter??

He gave me €30 to play with. I don't want it! Want my deposited money back and the €1000,-

I am afraid they are never gonna pay me and close my account.
Never have been in such a rude and weird casino online. I am telling you, think this casino is trying to con things. Spend your money elsewhere. They are not acting responsible at all.
Please help me get my money back, ask gamblers!

wiekos Netherlands
posted on September 26, 2016.

And watch out with the other brands of the affpower group: euromoon, osiris and cashpot.
Had another complaint running with osiris which was solved. Thank god!Then account closed with their group i thought and asked!! Obviouly not, was able to play at parklane. Please please parklane act responsible abd refund my deposited money after asking a thousand times to close account and give me my withdrawal from weeks ago!!!

posted on September 28, 2016.

Your complaint is being reviewed by our by our internal review group. They will write to you via the e-mail on file for your account. The reply will be sent soon.

Thanks for being patient.

wiekos Netherlands
posted on September 29, 2016.

I have got a really long email from karl in which he explained. I appreciate he is taking the effort to provide a decent answer. Ok got the money!! Yeah and account is closed finally!! Yeah, but we still have a disagreement about me asking to close account for 50 times by chat an email, thats why i have lost a lot! I have proof of 50 chats which i have sent all to karl!!!! of 5 times asking by mail from 19 september en 27 september. I'll spare you al the 1000 times for me asking to close the account. But i have the proove. Also of 3 employees who wouldn't close my account cause of the pending withdrawal or set a depsit limit on it cause of the pending withdrawal. Karl admitts its not policy.
Also rude employees....who didn't taking me serious by saying cheese and and the chat!
I have mailed and mailed but cant' mail parklane anymore cause of spam, asked numerous times for different emailadresses which they didnt gave, so somebody from cashpot mailed me about the withdrawal so i started to use this adress since it was the same casino! Wrote an email the 19th for closure!! Which karl is denying in his mail. But aso have the proove of closing my account on parklane on april 6th and 24th see attached files and of closing all the accounts at the affpower group in july.

When a customer has asked 50 times on chat to close the account you should act responsible as a casino. Especially when on mobile there is no option for excluding or setting deposit limits.Told them more than once the mail doesnt work, asked for new email, didnt got it. Mailed a lot, still remained open

You see my point here dear readers? Why is it so difficult to close the account at Parklane???

My answer to he mail which i have sent again to cashpot cause of the mail malfunction of that support adress of parklane.

Dear Karl,

Thank you for taking the time to write me!
At first I would like to say the matter of the €1000,- is solved and I have received it! Thx for explaining why it took so long, I understand, but really sent the proof many times for verification.
Second the account is finally closed now.

But on getting my account closed, I disagree totally. This is why:

1) I have asked to close it in april on live chat, they told me to mail, which I did, see proove enclosed.
2) your brand also operates osiris and I made clear, wanted to close everything with your brand, but account was still open.
3) then I had won €1000 back after a lot of deposits and wanted my account closed. Live chat told me that it wasnt possible when a withdrawing is pending, or to set a limit, see chatproof
4) i think i tried to mail like ten times but I couldnt mail to the adress you gave me cause spamfilter prohibited it, since i hadn't another email to write with, i mailed cashpot, cause they were the one who replied me on my withdrawal at the first place!!! Plus told live support about that and they wouldn't give me another email adress!!!!
5) when playing on mobile there is no option to self exclude you or put a limit on it, so you go to live chat, like I did. I understand your point of view people get angry on live chat by closing account, but i have asked like a 1000 times and explained couldn't mail support. I have proof of asking 50 times on different times between 19 en 27 september, why not take that seriously?????

I have lots of proof of me wanting to close account,like 50 times on live chat and like 5 times on mail, see attached files, so please take this seriously and act responsibly and come to an agreement with me about this, cause you know i was dead serious about closing my account. It's not normal to neglect my account closure mails & chats which I have sent that much!!!!

This is also the answer I will give ask gamblers.

posted on October 2, 2016.

The Internal Review Group has made some recommendations. Karl is away dealing with some family matters, but the casino management is on top of the matter. Thanks for your patience...again.

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 2, 2016.

What do you mean with recommendations? That your personel can't say you are not able to close an account or set limits when you have a payout hanging????

I'll hope you settle this soon with me, cause in my opinion it is not normal to ask for like 50 times for closure and won't do it in a two week period. I have sent all the 55 proove of me asking to karl! Did you receive it? Cause the support mail doesnt work again and i sent it again to cashpot, since they replied on my payout.
In my opion i am entitled to get my deposited money back since I continuously asked for account closure! Please settle this with me soon! Hope karl's family problems are not that severe... He was the only one with Daniel who react normal at your casino. All the other ones, david, anna, kelly, tommy,mike Give them a good lecture please please....

posted on October 6, 2016.

Please expect a reply directly to your Mail.

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 6, 2016.

Hello Parklane,

Haven't seen anything yet in my private mail. Hope you solve this with me as a responsible casino!


posted on October 10, 2016.

A response was sent yesterday from the Internal Review Group. The player is requested to acknowledge this, Thank You.

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 10, 2016.

Hello Karl,

I have read your email about your findings, thank tou for that, but I am not completely happy with the gesture.
I have tried to send a respond from my email, but after two hours trying to get it send, i suddenly had the idea of making a new emailadress. It seemed to work?? Did you got my mail???
I couln't send my pictures along with it, so i put them here.
Hoping to hear from you soon

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 10, 2016.

Hi karl
I think you got my reply???

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 11, 2016.

Hi Karl,

Can you please respond to my registered email adress. I can receive your mail, but can't send it to you ( i already forgot the name of the new email i created, so can't log in there)

posted on October 18, 2016.

The complaint has been reopened as per Parklane Casino request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give this case one more try and help both parties involved to reach a satisfactory resolution.

posted on October 19, 2016.

Dear Ms Weikos,

I am writing to you to outline in detail our responses to your complaints against us. We have made what is in my estimation, a good faith offer to settle with us, and you did not express very much interest in it. I am confident that when the facts are presented our position on this matter will be understood.

The complaints lodged by you, Ms. Weikos, involve 2 issues:
1) You claim that your withdrawal payment was unduly delayed. We have already clarified this matter with you, and you seems to have accepted our position. Your withdrawal was paid in a timely manner. The casino tries to clear all withdrawals within 5 business days. The ideal is to strive for less time. You submitted your withdrawal request on 13 September. On 15 September the financial team wrote that they needed documentation of your identity, as usual. A few hours later you replied. The financial department wrote back saying that they still needed the backsides of both your driver’s license and credit card. At this point, Ms. Weikos, you failed to respond. On 19 September your account manager wrote and urged you to take action. On 22 September the financial department received the final documentation, namely the back of her driver’s license. By 26 September, just 2 business days later, the money was on its way.
You were frustrated that you needed to supply the extra documentation. Instead of following the instructions given to you by her account manager you opened up this complaint at Ask Gamblers on 19 September right after you received your account manager’s instructions. At the time you lodged this complaint, you already knew what you needed to do about your withdrawal. The casino did not stall or delay the payment. It is true that you made a previous withdrawal at Osiris Casino, which is an affiliated brand, but information does not automatically migrate from one system to another. To avoid confusion in the very delicate area of personal identity and financial transactions, each casino maintains its own financial records. It is the player’s obligation to comply with the verification in each casino, as required by the T&Cs (section 13.8.) We believe it was premature of you to complain in a public forum when your problem was being dealt with and when you lack of action was the cause for the delay. As stated previously, she has already received her payment.

2) You, Ms. Wekos, claim that you sent 2 requests to close your account in April to which we made no response. You also mention a request to close your account made to Osiris Casino.

Answer: You, Ms. Wekos, contacted the chat operators three times in April voicing a desire to close your account. The first time on the 3 April. You wanted to close because you did not like getting phone calls. You were given the e-mail address for requesting account closure. At the same time the chat operator also saw to it that would not receive phone calls. The next day (4 April) you contacted the chat again requesting a free bonus, which was given to you. On 6 April you contacted the chat again saying that you wanted to close your account, and you were again told to send an e-mail. We have no record of receiving this e-mail.
Fortunately, the screenshots you submitted by you explain why no e-mail was received on that date. (See Weikos Evidence 1 and 2) You mailed your request to a totally wrong address, suppor­[email protected]­ark­lan­ Later, on 23 April, you contacted the chat requesting a bonus, which was approved. At 22:39 you contacted the chat to complain that you did not receive a deposit bonus on one of your deposits. The chat operator told you that she could not give you this bonus . At this point, you asked to close your account. According to the screenshots you submitted the account closure letter on 24 April at 00:48 (which was before midnight on 23 April our time-GMT) Like the previous e-mail (6 April) it was also not received by us. The next day your account manager wrote to give you the bonus which the chat operator could not. You signed in to your account and played that bonus. The day after (25 April) you played through a second small bonus and made two deposits. The evidence shows that you raised the possibility of closing your account in order to receive some benefit or advantage. Once your wishes were fulfilled, you returned to play as before. You gave no indication of having a gambling addiction, and you are fully entitled to change your mind about closing your account. The casino staff acted properly in providing proper customer service and keeping you as a client.

The screen shots you submitted show that when you sent the 2rd e-mail (23/24 April) you sent a forward of your original misdirected e-mail to the proper e-mail address, adding a demand for a refund of 300 Euro and restating your desire to close. Ms. Wekos, you must have known that such a refund, based upon the previous misdirected e-mail, was disingenuous . Furthermore, you had every reason to conclude that you second request was not received. A malfunction in the e-mail delivery system generates a failed delivery response, and even if you failed to see it, over the next few days you certainly understood that your letter had not been received. Your account manager never replied to about it and your account closure was not implemented. After ending your gaming session on 25 April, you stopped playing at the casino, and were not heard of again until September 12. Four months is time enough to resend many requests to close, if indeed you really wanted to do so.

You returned to Parklane Casino on 12 September and made numerous deposits. On 13 September you requested a 1000 Euro withdrawal which was paid but still became the subject of your complaint (point 1). By now it is self-evident that you decided to keep your account open or at the very least you had no objection to your account remaining open and active. Indeed, you made no mention of your previous closure requests until you complained about the supposed delay in her withdrawal.
According to our records, Ms. Wekos, you contacted the chat on 19 September to demand, not you’re your withdrawal, but a complete refund of all the money you deposited. You claimed that the casino neglected your “self-exclusion” when in actuality you never mentioned any gambling addiction in any chat or mail of which we have record. You claimed that you requested to close all your accounts during your previous correspondence with Osiris Casino. We have no records of any such “across the board” requests, and even had you made such a request it would not have been operable. Account closures are always a matter between the player and the casino where she has an account as the T&Cs make clear (16.2-3.) You threatened your account manager that if the casino did not fulfill your wishes, you would take your complaint to Ask Gamblers and present them with your “proof.” The account manager did not know what you were talking about. You then sent your screenshots to her account manager, along with a screenshot of the casino’s responsible gaming policy, attempting to create the impression that your earlier requests for account closure were in actuality self-exclusion requests for gambling addiction. Even before your account manager had time to reply, you lodged your complaint with Ask Gamblers.

The account closure request of 24 April is irrelevant because 1) It was created by forwarding a misdirected letter with the aim of claiming an undeserved refund; 2) The letter was not received by the casino and you knew this, yet you did not follow this up for several months; 3) After sending the request you continued to behave in such a way as to show that you had resolved your problems with the customer service and decided to continue playing at the Casino; 4) You played, won and made a withdrawal request months after the account closure requests, which certainly indicates that you, Ms. Wekos, wanted the account to be open. It is both logically absurd and underhanded to request a refund for your deposits after requesting the winnings accrued from one of them.
Ms. Wekos, your actions and behaviors show that you acted in an unscrupulous manner. In April you attempted to receive an unfair refund based on a misdirected e-mail. You kept hold of an irrelevant bit of correspondence for over 4 months, knowing that you might use it to receive additional refunds if things did not turn the way you wanted. You misrepresented your earlier account closure requests as being a self-exclusion due to gambling addiction, when in fact you were merely dissatisfied with the customer service. You made a withdrawal and then demanded a refund for your deposits. You violated the T&Cs (Sec 6.5.) which forbid making payments with the intent of taking them back. The casino is within in rights to act against such a player (see 32.2.)

Nevertheless, the casino made an offer to voluntarily view the closure requests of 22 September as being a legitimate request, since it was the first time you mention closing your account independently of her previous irrelevant closures. Given that the casino is entitled to a “reasonable time” to implement that request, you were offered refunds for all deposits made more than24 hours afterwards. This offer is far more than we were obligated to do, and we are now rescinding it. It is our opinion that you deserve no refunds of any kind.

I hope this letter clarifies matters. I thank you for your time.


wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 19, 2016.

Dear readers,

Is there anybody who thinks this casino acts responsibly after reading this reaction?? be 100% AWARE about this.

This respons shows exactly what kind of casino this is! They don't take responsibility at all to take a complaint when somebody asks to close its account 50 TIMES seriously. Instead of that they accuse me falsely of things, while I SHOUTED out a cry for help!!

It is true they made me an offer of just €350 euro, but the damage is a couple of thousands... So i responded on the offer, WHICH I DIDN'T TURN DOWN, AGAIN many times, but didnt get an email or respons back from them at all!! Just like they ignore the fact i have asked for 50 TIMES to close my account and I have al the proof if you are interested. I have sent it to Karl and i think now somebody else is ruining it for this casino by this respons.
In my opinion now THE OFFER WAS FALSE up front!!!!!!

This respons after again two weeks shows how the casino acts not seriously enough when somebody files a complaint.
They didn't respond at all on my emails after their offer in two weeks again and i didnt turn down the offer, but was not completely satisfied by it, they didn't wanna pay up front at all....Thats obvious now.

Then their accusations:
* i didnt fail to respond about my payout, they just don't act fast and stall payments. They didnt received all of my emails, so went to live chat to talk about that. It took TWO whole weeks to receive it. Have proof. But then again they did pay out, which was a big concern for me..
*he lies about the osiris casino cause they called me and i didnt leave a phonenumber at parklane...
*then.. He admits they aren't acting responsible in april cause in my opion you should ask only once to close your account!!! I asked it on chat and then mail, found out the email missed an extra e so sent it again in april to the right adress!!! Have proof and the simply keep ignoring this and say the haven't received it!!!! And then according to his writing they seduce you again with a bonus... See???
*i have stopped playing there from april to september cause i assumed they had seen my mail and closed it immediately after the chats in which i had asked and the mail. Thats what I thought and didnt think about this casino again and played elsewhere untill they spammed me to seduce me again in september..
* how obvious should it be for a casino to close an account after asking 50 times to close it permanent????? Its obvious you have gambling problems if you do so, you dont need to tell it directly its how you react to a casino, you like to rip off more money so obviously you don't understand...

Luckily i have met several casino's who act properly with this, like BETWAY and MARS casino, but NOT PARKLANE

So readers my advice to parklane is:
* make the payment procedure faster
* respect the customers with no rude remarks or lies ( i am not the only one who thinks that, see reviews)
* but most of all: DO NOT IGNORE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNT, ACT RESPONSIBLE and close it immediately on chat or other communication on the first time somebody asks!!!

When you start to respect the customers more, and realise they pay your salary, you will see you get better rates than the bad ones right now.

You can deposit the PROMISSED €350 on my bankaccount for resolving this issue.

Have a good afternoon to ya all!

wiekos Netherlands
posted on October 19, 2016.

Ow ps people who read this: THEY WITHDRAW THEIR PROMISS of paying a compensation, what a reliable and thrustworthy casino are you, Parklane.

posted on October 20, 2016.

Considering all the information provided during the course of the complaints process, AskGamblers Complaints Team came to the following conclusions.

Player raised two claims against Parklane casino - delayed payment as well as violation of the Responsible Gaming policies by refusing/stalling to close player's account for too long period of time.

1/ It is obvious now why player's withdrawal request has been delayed beyond the advertised cashout times of Parklane Casino. Once player presented all the required paperwork, their account has been successfully verified and payment was duly processed and confirmed by the player as successfully received.

2/ AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the second claim raised by player as not 100% legit and supported with enough evidence and therefore it is being rejected. However, we recommend Parklane Casino management to take all the necessary measures to speed up the process of closing players accounts once such request have been sent via email or requested over live chat.

Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the case as resolved and it being officially closed now. In case of a disagreement with our decision we recommend player to seek further assistance on the matter from the relevant regulatory body.