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CrazyWinners Casino - No response to emails and online chat

Complaint Info
Disputed casino CrazyWinners Casino
Reason Verification issues
Inactive user
Posted on July 20, 2016

I wish to complain regarding the crazy winners casino site.

I made my first withdrawal after joining the site on 15th July. I followed this up with an email to the website to ask what time frame the withdrawal is and if I need to provide and ID. I received a response on 17th July to say a separate email has been send with what documents are required & I need to speak with the online chat to verify my account. The separate email regarding documents for withdrawal were not provided, so i asked for this to be sent again and I also explained I am not recieving a response via online chat, I have tried twice now. I have attached evidence. When I replied to the email to say I had not received the withdrawal document and this was not in my spam folder & there is no response on online chat I asked how else I can verify my account. The response o received was to say they have sent the withdrawal documents again, they did not respond to not having an answer on the online chat.
I feel like I am not getting anywhere with my request, the response I have received is very vague I feel that my withdrawal is being dismissed and delayed. There is no other method to speak with the casino other than on online chat that I get no response from and the response via email is not answering my questions. I am still awaiting a response from My latest email requesting confirmation of what documents are required for my withdrawal. I am unsure that when they did respond to my email this was received perfectly yet when they are saying they have sent the withdrawal documents this has not been received. I have never experienced a poor service auch as this on an online site were my queries are not answered and a delay of withdrawal that normally would take 3 days to arrive into my account, I have not even been in a position to provide documentation as I am not receiving a response to my requirements. Again I would like confirmation of why there is no response on the online chat and how else my account is going to be verified if the company cannot reply to the request on the online chat.


Posted on July 21, 2016


Thanks for your feedback.
We have now checked with our Support team and they tell us you are actually in continued correspondence with them.
They also said that the only reason for the delay was due to the fact that they were waiting to receive a copy of your verification documents.

According to our records, the lion's share of your verification documents have been received successfully (July 20th).
The only outstanding document that we are still waiting for is a copy of your signed authorization form.

Please check your email again.
Your account manager Angela has sent you a request for the missing authorization form (today).

Once we receive the last of your verification documents, we will ask that they expedite your payment and so you will be able to resolve this matter.

All the best,


Inactive user
Posted on July 22, 2016

Thank you for the response, to confirm I could not send the withdrawal documents as I had not received the documents from you at that time and I had requested these to be sent again. Neither the less since I logged this complaint the withdrawal documents were confirmed in a reply email at my request rather than in a separate email as this was not being received. The documents have been provided to the casino and the complaint can now be closed.

Posted on July 23, 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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