VIP Room Casino - No deposit bonus withdrawal gone 250 to 50

vraiages France
posted on July 8, 2015.


I'm a verified depositor on this casino.

A few days ago, they give me a 20$ buck no deposit bonus for fidelity with a 40x playthrough.

I beat the playthrough with 400 $ in the cashier, and the bonus transform to 250 $ real money (all the rest been deleted).

So at least, it's okay, i saw it in terms&conditions (but not able to see it again)

So i ask for a withdrawal for 250 $, seems to be fair and i respect the t&c.

Two days after, my withdrawal been accepted. But for only 50$.

Here's the detail :

Created time 06-07-2015 21:52
Method Credit Card
To your bank account € 50.00
Fee € 0.00
From the player's account € 250.00
Status Confirmed
Reference 738263­820­976­898­543­546­059­315­66047

And all the rest been deleted.

I really don't get it, and nothing in the t&c is explaining this.

And also i don't get it why in first place when i bet the playthrough, money in the cashier reduced to 250 if i can only withdraw 50 ?

And also i can see the 250 $ conditions somewhere this week end, but not be able to see it anymore today... Something been deleted ???

Really, really strange.

I need serious explanation please.

I've attached proof, to show bonus become 250 cash, and withdrawal result.

best regards

posted on July 9, 2015.

Hi vraiages,

As our support team explained to you, we did an update on our website so that we could add separate Bonus Terms instead of including it as part of the Casino General terms and conditions.
We did this to improve our transarency.

During the website update, standard terms were added on the Bonus Terms page and the full terms were not added. The original bonus terms however were still on the General Terms and Conditions page.

So you are correct in saying that when you checked the bonus terms page, you did not see it...and we then updated the page accordingly 2 days ago.

That being said, because we understand we caused the confusion, your 200 euros was paid to you yesterday already regardless and we have not bound you to the terms.

These things were all mentioned to you via support and was not needed to be posted in the public forum.

Any further questions...pleae contact our casino support.


VIP Room Casino

vraiages France
posted on July 9, 2015.


I discover the problem in the early morning of the 8 of july.

I open a complaint case same day at 11:37 am GMT+1 here.

Then i send also a message to the support by mail because chat is unavailable.

You reply to me almost 5 hours after that at 16:16 GMT+1

So this is why this case is opened.

If you were available faster for me when i need replies (even chat or mail), i'll not forced to open a case here.

Also support recognize there is an error, so now it's ok for me.

But next time you do me the same kind of strange thing when i do a withdrawal be sure i'll open a new complaint.

I hope for your casino, and your customers, to be more efficient next time.

Best regards,

posted on July 10, 2015.

Hi and thank you for your feedback.

We apologise for the inconvenience and delay in supportas you have mentioned.

We look forward to having you at our casino again and winning some more;-)


VIP Room Casino

vraiages France
posted on July 10, 2015.

Hello, thanks for your replies.

Askgamblers can close this complaint with resolved status now.

best regards,

posted on July 11, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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