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Grand Reef Casino - No certainty on when and if all all my winnings will be paid.

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Grand Reef Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 6810
Posted on August 30, 2014

I play in several online casinos but a situation like this never occurred to me.

This is the WORST experience I have ever had in an online casino. 40 days have passed and I still do not know when my withdrawals will be paid. So far I have received only contradictory responses generating confusion over confusion. I have requested several times to have a timeframe/withdrawal schedule who nobody has been able to provide me with. I have been advised on chat that the withdrawal limit per month is 20,000€ . However the total amount of my withdrawal was only 6810€. After several complaints (and 21days passed since my withdrawal request was done) I obtained to get paid 250€ per week.
Grand Reef Casino is trying to use any possible trick to delay the payment of my winnings, probably hoping I will play them back. The worst thing is when, after a further complain I made on chat, I have been promised that “they would have pushed
out” 4500€ out of 6300€ the day after if I had cancelled a withdrawal of 1800€. However they would have credited a bonus with wagering on this cancelled withdrawal.Obviously I did not accept for two reasons:
-None of the previous promises have been hold
- Cancelling the withdrawal and accepting the bonus I would have not been able to cash out again

Please see below a summary of the main correspondences I had with the casino. If you need I can provide you with full transcripts of chats and e-mails with screenshots as well:
- 06/05/14 submitted request for a withdrawal of 5000€
- 06/05/14 submitted further request for an additional withdrawal of 1800€ (the total amount of pending withdrawals is thus 6800€)
- 09/05/14 chat with Riley who confirmed me that withdrawals would have been paid in 1-5 working days
- 12/05/14 chat with Alana who stated: "I understand. Withdrawal of 5000 should be done later this week. The withdrawal of 1810 should be done by next week"
- 13/05/14 chat with Jason who stated : "Your withdrawal will be processed soon"
- 27/05/14 the casino pays 250€ and puts 4750€ back on balance (without any permission of mine)
- 28/05/14 I requested again the withdrawal of 4750€ (at this stage the withdrawals on pending are 4750€+1800€)
- 03/06/14 further 250€ processed (at this stage the withdrawals on pending are 4500€+1800€)
- 06/06/14 chat with Amanda who promised that all withdrawals will be pushed out within June (Support: The reason why you have been paid 250+250 was due to the withdrawal process that has been slow, also the finance team has put you on a payment plan for your whole amount that you have requested up untill they are able to pay you out in full , I have spoken to my pit boss and he has advised that he is sorry for the unconvinced and time caused with your withdrawal , and that he can promise you a a payment for early next week , but this payment will be for EUR250 for the next 2weeks and there after we are able to pay your rest of you money out to you)
- 13/06/14 chat with Alana who said that they CANNOT keep what stated on the previous chat (Support: I have just confirmed with finance team as they will be processing the withdrawal. According to finance it will be weekly payment of EUR250 every week. Not only for two weeks. If finance team are able to process a lump sum withdrawal amount to you they will let you know before the time that they will transfer the full remaining withdrawal.)
- 13/06/14 chat with Amanda who tried to convince me to cancel the withdrawal of 1810€ and add a bonus on it

Guys I am confident you will help me to sort this issue out.

Many Thanks

Posted on June 19, 2014

Dear @nicola28m,
Any update considering your issue?

Posted on June 20, 2014

Dear AskGamblers,
Unfortunately no update yet. I have been processed a further 250€. But haven't received any official communication yet. If they keep processing the withdrawals in this way I will get my winnings in 7 months.
I am also worried about a withdrawal of 1810€. It has literaly disappeared. I cannot see anywhere in the account.
Thank you very much for your help guys. You will receive from me all the best possible feedback on the net once this issue will be sorted out.
Yours Sincerely
PS. please see attached a screenshot of my Grand reef casino account where you can see the 1810€ withdrawal is not displayed

Posted on August 30, 2014

Dear @nicola28m, we got an information from the casino, that you has been agreed on payment schedule and that you are satisfied the resolution. Can you please confirm.

Posted on August 31, 2014

Dear AskGamblers,
I'm getting 250 euro per week from May '14,
I am not satisfied, I wanted to get my win total in May, as all the casino in two days pay.
The win was 6810 euro, so I'll end up receiving my money in December ...
In addition, the first two weeks of August, I have not received anything.
I thank John Pitboss only, the only person educated and kind who always answered my questions and help me to get the 250 weekly and I hope it helps me until the end.
This is the situation
Thanks AskGamblers!

Posted on September 3, 2014

Thank you @Nicola28m for that feedback. John is an amazing guy, and like the rest of the team here dedicated to helping our patrons as best possible. I trust that in your interactions with him this can be addressed to everyone's satisfaction.

Posted on September 5, 2014

Dear Askgamblers,
the real situation is this:
the payment of my winnings made ​​in May '14 to 6810 euro still has not been paid in full.
From the month of my winnings I'm getting 250 euro per week
I have a sick child to which I have to do surgery, and that win, if I had been paid in full all, would help me solve the problem.
I told this to GrandReef.. but anything to get all the winnings, even in front of a sick child
I thank John Pitboss only very kind person,
that he understood my big problem,
who is helping me to get 250 € for week and is doing everything possible to help me.
I have yet to receive 3310 euro and I'll end up being paid in full in December '14,
Until then, I can not say that he had been paid in full.
Nicola M.

Posted on November 16, 2017

This complaint has been reopened due to the declared willingness on behalf of Grand Reef Casino management to do everything within their power to solve their old complaints. AskGamblers Complaints Team is happy to give these old cases one more chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on November 16, 2017

Dear Nicola28M,

Hope you find this well.

We can confirm that your last payment was received on 01 December 2016 to the value of €310 and in total €6810 has been paid and are up to date on any outstanding owed amounts.

We would appreciate it if you can confirm that this is the case.

Best regards
Affiliate Program Manager

Posted on November 16, 2017

Dear @nicola28m,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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