GoWild Casino - Their refusal to close my account on time cost me €2000 damage

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 15, 2016.


I already filed for a complaint at 11 januari, but you closed it since no evidence was enclosed. Hereby i file again for the same complaint. I refer to a same complaint from somebody else on november 24th

The go wild casino mobile doesnt shut your account down immediately when you urgently ask to do so on live chat. They say only the accountmanager can do that, and he is there the next business day and he doesnt shut it down immediately, he only ask questions. I have proove of email by that. I have ask like 20 times on live chat to shut it, they wont, even the accountmanager didnt for 3 times, so cause i am addicted i keep on losing.
They have in there own terms that chatpersons can close account, see proove. But on live chat they kept on saying it wasnt possible.
Also on mobile you cant close your account yourself or set limits even though they say it in there own terms its possible. They violate art 43 of maltese gamling authority. They take no responsibility of people with gambling problems!

On januari 13th i asked again on live chat to close it, they coulnt do it they said again, only accountmanager can. So i send another email to permanently shut it down! The next day i was still able to deposit, so i already lost 500 again, then suddenly my account was closed, but i had just won 340 back. So i went to live chat and only ask what to do. They opend my account again in a split second!!! Allthough i asked to shut it down permanently en suddenly a live chat person was able to reopen it, while they cant close it??? So ofcourse due to gambling addiction i lost again and big. I lost €800 in this day and from januari first when i wanted it closed till now like 1500-2000 euro.
Then again on live chat, the person was suddenly able to close my account, while like 30 times before they couldnt do it on live chat. See my proove of that.
I confronted her with that and she said she called the manager at home. Thats a joke, cause it was like 10 seconds before response!!

My complaint is that go wild casino doesnt take responsibility when people are gambling addicts and want to close their account immediately. They know those people make more deposits if the stall it. They dont close your account when you want it, alldough you asked 100 times!!! I wouldnt have lost 2000 if they closed it permanently immediately! They owe me the money back! I did my whole story and the manager ignores my comments!!!
They violate their own rules and those of authorities!!
And so funny, they now shut the account on their own after my complaint. I am on mobile so I made fotos of the chats! Hope you can puzzle them out!

All I want is my money back from januari first, when i wanted to close the account permanently. Since they didnt do it, i kept on depositing while i really urged to get out several times, but they didnt shut the account. They dont act responsible at all, be aware, before you join this casino!!

I have more documents of proove but i can only submit 10.

Kind regards!

posted on January 18, 2016.


Thank you for getting in contact. We were sorry to hear about this issue and we would like to clarify the situation.

We would like to mention that indeed, players can request an account closure on chat, with our support team. However, to ensure that the request is coming from the account holder and to ensure that the reason for the closure is clear, we have a procedure in place and certain steps are followed before the account is closed; especially when the reason for the account closure is unclear.

We would also like to add that indeed, the player asked for the account to be closed during chats with our support team. However, each time this request was mentioned it was as a consequence of the support not issuing a free bonus in the player’s account or them issuing a bonus that was not sufficient from the point of view of the player.

Due to these circumstances, the reason for the account closure naturally seemed to be the amount of bonuses issued in the player’s account. Therefore, we wanted to know for certain whether this was the reason, and on the other hand we wanted to see how we could improve the player’s experience if that was the case.

That is why the player was asked to send an email with the request (as part of the verification procedure). The account manager answered these emails asking for further details in order to establish whether this request was merely an account closure caused by dissatisfaction with promotions or other such aspects of the casino experience, or whether it was an account closure caused by gambling issues. Since the two situations are quite different, we wanted to make sure we apply the correct measures.

However, the account manager did not receive a reply for the first emails, and the player continued to play and to ask for bonuses from the support team. The player also did not specify having gambling issues, and only mentioned that wanting the account closed. Once the player provided the account manager with the verification details required, the account was closed on the spot, as a consequence of bonus dissatisfaction.

At the time of the account closure the player had a balance, which had been had won out of a recent deposit that they had not finished playing. Due to the fact that we wanted to avoid any additional delays, we went ahead with the closure. Yet before that unfinished deposit could be refunded, the player contacted the support team to inquire about the balance. At this point, since this was a regular account closure request, not a responsible gambling issue, the call was made to temporarily reopen the account and allow the player to play that bigger balance, as that could allow them a nice win.

During that conversation the player was asked to confirm this course of action and to provide verification details. It was also mentioned that once the balance was played, if the player still wanted the account closed, they could let us know, so we could close it again right away, since we already had the verification details previously provided. The player did not ask for the account to be closed after this. Yet due to the events registered on the player account, the next day the account was closed by the account manager, to avoid further misunderstandings. It remains closed to this day.

We hope that clarifies everything.

GoWild Casino Team

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 18, 2016.

Dear readers,

You can reed how responsible go wild casino is: they take absolutely no responsibility!!
I am the third person here who complaints about not getting his account closed already on this site. Time for Go Wild Casino to act like they say they do in their own regulations and Maltese gambling authority.
They say it wasnt obvious or the reason is gambling addiction or something else. That argument doesn't matter at all!!!!!!! Because, if a person decides for himself to close the account, they have to act responsibly and do it immediately, no matter what reasons. I have never seen a mobile casino who doesnt close your account immediately or hasnt options for yourself to do that, or to set selflimits. Second of all I urged them like 20 times to close it!!! How obvious is it then, that the person has gambling issues???? See all the proove i have sent, i even have 20 more documents about closing the account. Third, as a person mails you with closing the account immediately and that he want no contact what so ever, why reply with: whats the reason for closure? So they try to hold the addict to loose more money. Their statement that they need personal information to close the account is bullox as well, cause they see your personal email, since i had to mail the accountmanager, and did that from registerd email.
They also can see the compulsive behaviour in the gaming history, when a addict lost all of his money they ask for bonus and they can see bankrejections cause of no funds. They knew that i am addicted, cause in the chat i said they dont act the responsible gaming methods. See chat. And i was responding frustrating by not closing my account.
I have asked for permanent closure and they immediately opend my account again! They should have deposited back.

They violate their own rules!! They do nothing about gambling protection, like they say. A honest casino would have options to close your account yourself, set limits yourself and when you dont have that option, you should close account immediately after first request on live chat. They never ask if you have a gambling problem, cause they make profits out of it.
Because I wasnt able for days to close the account I want the money back, and for i can see i am entitled to that due to violation of their own rules and maltese gambling authority art 43.
In which is said:

Own rules:
*if you need a break use self exlusion tools: they dont have it
*If you need help use time & deposit limits on player protection page: they dont have it!
*If at any stage you become concerned about your gaming habits, you can request a cooling off period.( request obvious doesnt mean they do it imemdiately, but this sentence says that You yourself become concerned not fir them to decide their is another reason than gambling addiction to close my account)
*During the self exclusion period the request is irrevokable ( and yet they opend my account again, even when i asked permanently)
*You can request a self exlusion period by contact casino support, also by live chat: but i have proove they dont do it. The procedure is mailing the accountmanager and he stalls it as wel
*They believe that every person should be allowed to manage their own budget for playing online casino-> yeah, right! They dont have an mobile option.
So you can see they dont follow their own rules, they act like responsible, but dont do it real time
*11:2 you have the right to cancel your account at all time: yeah right, asked for 2 weeka about it!
*They lie: see mail attached: they have closed my account without my request when it got hot under the feet and the say it was reopend because i wanted to play: thats not what i said. i said to live chat my account was suddenly blocked when i had just win 340 or so back, what do i need to do to get the money back: in a split second they reopend it. They also lied about closing the account on chat, cause suddenly when i was giving a hard time it could, see chat. Then when i confronted it is possible suddenly to close on chat, she said she called the manager at home, yeah wright!! In one minute for sure!!!

*In maltese law: see art 43: immediately when its received!!! That says it all, i quess! They received it lots of times, cause i have proove they gave an answer, but it wasnt closing.

So therefore, rest my case, they need to improve their actions and are liable to give me my money back. I think this could me a nice one @ malta gaming authority, but at first everybody needs a second chance so i give them the opportunity to settle this thing, i already mailed them about this, but they didnt respond anymore, so thats why i am here. They know they act not responsible!!!!

Kind regards!

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 18, 2016.

By the way, I have contacted the other two persons who had the same experience at Go Wild Casino. It s no coincidence they had it as well!! Unfortunately the complaint from last november has no proove of the chats, but I do. They truely don't shut your account down immediately on live chat. On live chat they say they are not able to do so, you need to mail the manager. But they can close your account immediately, i have proove of that as well. The stalling from the manager... Etc etc. And I my opion the casino don't resolve the many complaints here properly, hope they act responsible now and do the refund of me and the other persons!

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 20, 2016.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out how a responsible casino works. I just had an excellent responsible experience with Betway casino!!! There are responsible casino's!!! Yoehoe!!

This is the story: because i have gambling problems and felt the urge, i opened an account there 2 days ago. I hope it was the last casino I could register cause of my problem. But before i lost a lot i asked for permanent closure on live chat 2 days ago. I thought it was done, but I did go to their live chat today and asked for reopening, but then the connection was lost. So i thought... Pffew glad it did, cause now not reopend en no gambling as i am really week today. But later on i tried to log in and it worked...it was open again! You know the drill, you win some and then you lose... A lot. So out of money i thought try to go to live chat for bonusmoney to win it back. The girl really investigated and she found out i asked for closure. She immediately gave me the options: closure, limits etc!! After a while chatting SHE closed my account for my own benefit, i couldnt get anything out of here like a bonus to win back. Now she let my asking for closure before and reopening investigate and maybe i can get money back! Fingers crossed!!! Cause i am so desperate right now...
This is how a responsible casino acts: when she destested by asking gambling problems, SHE closed my account!
So Go Wild, you can learn from this casino!
I hope you act like this Casino in the future and give me my money back, cause I deserve it considering the 20 times asking for immediate closure.

I hope for my own sake that i never gamble again, but if you dont have problems: go to Betway, truely responsible casino!!!! I cant anyway now, but I hope you readers choose Betway, a honest casino! Big compliments for Charmanay. See in the attach files how she handles it!

I hope so there is no casino i can reopen account again, but its so hard... You get spammed a lot and sometimes really week., even when you closed the accounts everywere. In my opinion a casino should always directly close your account permanently, cause you only ask it to protect yourself cause you loose or it would also help when they say: okay its reopened after a cooling down period of at least a week, not inmediately.

I hope Go Wild will act responsibly now on my big complaint and they acknowledge they did wrong and compensate my losses after the first time i asked for closure on januari 1th, like responsible casinos do.

posted on January 22, 2016.


We just wanted to mention that we continued communication with the player over the past days. The deposits made after the account closure request have been refunded and the player has been informed.

However, it can take a few business days for the bank to finalize the transaction on their side and for the funds to reach the player's account. Therefore, we would like to request that this complaint be marked as solved in the meantime, since the funds have been paid on our side.

Thank you in advance.

GoWild Casino Team

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 23, 2016.

Hi! We reached an agreement.They did say they would pay! So glad. Waiting for the money on my bankaccount.

posted on January 26, 2016.

Dear @wiekos,

Any update? Did you receive the payment, can we close this case as resolved? Please be informed that in case you fail to respond within the given tine frame we will mark this complaint as resolved and officially closed. Thank you.

wiekos Netherlands
posted on January 27, 2016.

It is resolved!!! Thx go wild for taking my problem seriously!!!!! Very satisfied with the agreement. Thx askgamblers!!!!

posted on January 28, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.