NextCasino refuse to refund my deposits

angie90 United Kingdom
posted on September 7, 2014.

I opened an account with Next Casino after self excluding from several accounts that are also brands of Every Matrix. Firstly I'm unsure why there is not a system in place to prevent customers from doing this. Secondly, I do not understand why they allowed me to make a number of deposits when apparently if you open an account after you have previously self excluded from an Every Matrix account, the account should be terminated and refunded. Also, Next Casino has exactly the same registration number as Guts Casino and Casino Floor, both of which I am excluded from.

posted on September 9, 2014.

Hi angie90,

We use the same technical platform as many other casinos. This platform is supplied by Everymatrix. The other casino that you mention in your complaint are not partners of NextCasino though. We run our own operation and we do not know who signs up, deposits, withdraws, closes or excludes their account, etc, etc, at any of those other casinos. They are competitors of ours.

I´m afraid there is nothing we (NextCasino) can do to help you in this situation. If you feel that the way Everymatrix handles their platform (and the customers of their different clients) is wrong, then we kindly ask you to contact them directly and present your complaint. That way, they will look into this for you.

Best Regards,