Never play at Grand Reef!

posted on September 6, 2011.

I want to warn people never play at Grand Reef casino!

The so called big welcome bonus is never paid.

I made a first deposit of 200euros but (unlike other Playtech casinos) my money + my bonus was not added instantly. I founf that very strange because i gamble quite often and i never had problems with moneybookers.

First they told me that they deposit from Moneybookers came not true.

I contacted Moneybookers and they assured me they send the money to Grand Reef.

After a long time, asking for my money, they 'found' it and it was credited to my account.

But no bonus!

I asked what was wrong and they told me they needed a copy of my bankstatement and ID first. (special rules of their casino) After sending this nothing happenend.

During the weekend they told me that the people of the financial department where not available. But it would be taken care off first thing on monday.

Monday they told me it would be credited shortly. In the afternoon and evening: same story!

Tuesday it would be credited shortly.

and it goes on and on like that...

I never received the Welcome bonus of 200euro.


posted on September 7, 2011.

Hi there,

Please note that this has been resolved. We did request documents, and the player did submit and his bonus was honored.

I would like this marked as resolved.


Grand Reef Casino