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NetBet Casino - Still owes me money

Complaint Info
Disputed casino NetBet Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount £ 6000
Posted on January 6, 2015

i posted on here because the casino took 14.000 from me and said i had cheated.i was eventually paid 4000 and when i asked for the other 10.000.ask gamblers closed my complaint and took the casinos side and also called me a cheat.i took my complaint to the lga who investigated the issue.after the investigation was concluded the lga informed the casino to contact me.i received an email saying they had deposited 6000.i have since received the money.however it is not the full balance nor did i receive an apology.i emailed lga asking why did i only receive 6000 and was told to contact netbet who would give me an explanation.i have contacted them and also live chat but they do not reply.they have cut me off from live chat and cannot get back on to speak to them.if the lga and their findings says no tech error then the full amount of 10.000 should be paid.i have suffered greatly from this as this has been going on since 0ctober 2012.i have endured so much stress it's unreal.not only have they caused me stress and anxiety ,they have caused personal issues with my family.the lga has acted superbly and if anyone reads this and does have a genuine problem like i did and if the casino your complaining about falls under the lga then i would send a letter of complaint to them.they are fantastic.they do a thorough investigation.i am now considering taking this much further if the casino does not pay the rest of what they owe me.the lga said no errors therfor full amount should be paid.also to completely ignore me and cut me off chat soon as i mention my name is not very professional,more childlike than anything else.can the casino respond to where is my other £4000.

Posted on February 14, 2014

i have received an email from the lga explaining their findings and how they reached the figure.i would like to say this...the lga has been brilliant in doing their job and should be credited for what they do...also i would like to warn other players about this not play here.if you win big they close your account and say tech error.when you try to talk to them they do not answer you.does this sound like a professional casino who helps their customers.i had 3 gaming sessions here and in 2 of them i encountered tech errors.this is bad and see what i mean about easy to say tech error.but the main bug bear is they said the 1st error was on a game i did not even did they get this conclusion when i did not play it.i have not even had an apology but what do you expect from such (imo) a shady casino with such shocking customer service.this issue had been going on since oct 2012 and has caused me so much stress and anxiety is unreal and even though i was part right,they have not offered the very least an apology for this and for branding me a cheat.i also think that if the casino is having so many tech errors 2 out of 3 then they should stop and get the bugs sorted and until they are sorted should not be allowed to take peoples hard earned has taught me lessons,never play online casinos as they are extremely quick in taking your money but then they don't want to pay you and their favorite excuse of all time is tech error.if you do have a problem with casinos paying you and they are under the lotteries and gaming authority then file a complaint.keep at it and justice will be done.this casino branded me a cheat and i stood my ground and proved that i am not a cheat. don't give up fight your corner

Posted on February 17, 2014

wow netbet you still flabberghast me.still no apology for calling me a said you did an extensive search so why did you find out what really went on,the lga managed to.maybe i should consider the options i have for all the undue stress and anxiety caused by you and am considering speaking to my lawyer.

Posted on February 19, 2014

still no apology from this casino.they should go on the blacklist for the way they treat reply to any of my emails is total ignorance,cannot get on live chat even though its 24/7.shocking behavior should not be allowed to open a casino

Posted on February 24, 2014


Could you please post here the final decision of LGA, which you were referring to? 

Posted on February 24, 2014

Dear Ashley,

Please be reminded that the decision for this very case, confirmed by AskGamblers, on the 15th of March 2013 was:

"This player broke the rules by the analysis of casino's financial department and make some misuses of the account! Casino showed a good will to find the best solution! From our side, this complaint is solved! "

This is why it comes with great surprise that this complaint was accepted again.

From our point of view the case was successfully solved and you agreed to the solution found together with LGA. The sum of 6000 GBP was transferred on your bank account in February 2014.

We would appreciate if you send us a proof (an official document) issued by LGA attesting the fact that Netbet Casino was to pay you a total of 14k.

Thank you,

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