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NetBet Casino - Bonus joke

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Disputed casino NetBet Casino
Reason Bonus removal
Posted on January 6, 2015

Welcome on our site! One of our operators will be shortly assisting you. Waiting time is aproximately 1minute(s). Thank you for your patience!

You are now chatting with 'Stacey'

Stacey: Thank you for contacting chat support! I am here to help you! How may I be of assistance today?

baltizoi: Hello, I have spoke to someone here 2 days ago about cancelling my bonus by some department but the bonus is still there...

Stacey: Could you please confirm your username?

baltizoi: baltizoi

Stacey: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Stacey: I will be right with you.

Stacey: the bonus cannot be removed, and in order to be able to cash out you must wager it 30 times

Stacey: you have 400 as bonus and 250.9 as real money

Stacey: the bonus was put on to your account as our system encountered that the playthrough was not completed before you made your withdraw

baltizoi: it can be i also cleared it and someone put it again

baltizoi: yes and i dont wanna it

Stacey: it cannot be removed

baltizoi: someone sent request to some department to remove it

Stacey: it cannot be removed as you did not wager it

baltizoi: it can be removed i have spoken to someone 2 days ago

baltizoi: he says it can be

baltizoi: and ofc it can be lol

Stacey: the relevant department confirmed that it cannot be removed

baltizoi: can You remove or sent request again to someone who can?

baltizoi: LOL!!!

baltizoi: stop kiddin me

baltizoi: u have stolen me 40 euros

baltizoi: and now this b**ts

baltizoi: gimme system ill remove it myself

baltizoi: man just remove it

Stacey: our system encountered that the playthrough was not completed before you made your withdrawal, therefore the bonus is active

baltizoi: or i send topic to the forum

Stacey: and it cannot be removed

baltizoi: to avoid play here autobonus whcich cant be removed omg hahhaha

Stacey: you must comply with the terms and conditions

Stacey: which clearly speicify that

baltizoi: where

Stacey: players must wager their bonuses

baltizoi: show me term

baltizoi: taht bonus cannot be removed

baltizoi: i want to play my money

baltizoi: not this bonus u understand ,me

baltizoi: ?

baltizoi: 100%casinos have option to cancell it

baltizoi: if u dont have nice, You will be on the biggest forums soon

baltizoi: because You just lie

baltizoi: u gave it u can remove it its easy as 123

baltizoi: changing 770 to netbet wont help You if U do this things...

baltizoi: business will collapse v soon

Stacey: as mentioned, our terms and conditions mention that players must wager their bonuses. Please note that you have not wagered your bonus, since the system detected that you have not completed the wagering once you made your withdrawal

Stacey: therefore you must wager the bonus 30 times

Stacey: as it cannot be removed

baltizoi: You wil be there v soon man theres no term that bonus cannot be removed man and U just lie

baltizoi: click and remove it

baltizoi: should I start to post or You help me

Stacey: at paragraf 6.4 from bonus section, it is mentioned: 6.4 "A player cannot apply for a withdrawal request unless the playthrough of the bonus received has been fully completed".

Stacey: 6.5. The player agrees that winnings from bonuses which require initial deposits will only be awarded once bonuses have been completely played out.

baltizoi: okay You dont understand me again

Stacey: therefore all the active bonuses from a player's account must be wagered


baltizoi: after depo

Stacey: these are the rules

baltizoi: and this is auto

baltizoi: then nobody can cancell

baltizoi: best joke ever

baltizoi: ok contacting askgamblers

baltizoi: be

baltizoi: bye

You are not currently in a chat session. Please check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes.

Posted on August 17, 2013

Dear Pasik,

We regret to inform you that your complaint is not legitimate, as you agreed to the Terms and Conditions of our site the moment you created your player account.

Please note that our responsible department has run routine checks on your player account and noticed that you have not completed your wagering conditions.

We take this opportunity to remind you that your total balance consists of 650.90 GBP, out of which 250.9 real cash and 400 bonuses.

Kindly be reminded of some aspects pertaining to your case:

4.1.17. In the interest of fair play, our Sites prohibit the use of any recognised betting techniques with the aim of circumventing the standard house edge in our games. If your account shows any indication of deceptive game play through these betting techniques, your account will be blocked immediately and we will retain any funds from the account in question.

6.3. NetBet offers many free bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, account reactivation bonuses and many more, which allow you to play without making a deposit beforehand. Withdrawals of monies generated by the usage of a bonus are always subject to the terms specific to the bonus.

6.4 A player cannot apply for a withdrawal request unless the playthrough of the bonus received has been fully completed.

Therefore, as per our Terms and Conditions, you are required to rollover your bonuses before being able to withdraw your winnings.

We invite you to continue playing until such time as your wagering requirements are completed, at which point you will be able to cash out your winnings.

Thank you for your understanding.

Casino NetBet

Posted on August 22, 2013

 Anything to be added here?

Posted on August 22, 2013

Yes, is this ok that casino give autobonus then You can't remove it ? first time I see this, I want my deposit back (I have more money than I have deposited + got bonus) so I want to remove bonus and this is not possible????

Posted on August 22, 2013

This is JOKE, please just REMOVE all my bonuses or send back my deposits to my skrill, I wont play here with these bonuses. I want to play my deposit money only without BONUS.

Posted on August 25, 2013


Please be reminded that after you automatically received the 100% bonus following your first deposit registered on our site, you also activated yourself another 100% bonus on your account by using a bonus code from one affiliate website.

For your information, all conditions attached to the bonuses we offer are stated on our official website and are available for all our players to access.

As we stated previously, once the bonus added to your balance, this can no longer be removed.

However, you have the possibility to withdraw the funds available in your balance after fulfilling the wagering requirements attached to your active bonuses.

Casino NetBet remains at your service for any assistance that you might require.

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