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Raging Bull Casino - My VIP status was not honoured

danchop New Zealand Message
Posted on 16 September 2016

last week I deposited $50 and used the madness bonus coupon,which has 35 x wager and up to 10 x max cashout,i completed the wagering with a balance of just over $2000 and immediately my withdrawable balance dropped to $500..this is all well and good and inline with the coupon EXCEPT that I am a gold tier player!!!
At the time(last Saturday kiwi time)the website had this stated as a perk for gold tier players.....MAXIMUM CASHOUT ON DEPOSIT MATCH BONUSES:$20000 MAX CASHOUT please note that the bonuses is plural,not one bonus but all bonuses,well that's how I understood it and anyone with an iq over 41 would too!!!!
Also in thier terms and conditions on bonuses and cashouts it covers the tier level status in overriding coupon conditions with this......*For information regarding individual coupons, please visit the casino Cashier where the coupon information will be available, or contact an agent directly. Please refer to your VIP tier for more information on bonus max cashouts, etc.*
Anyway I queried chat to no avail and emailed my support manager,i got a raft of totally stupid and senseless excuses denying I had any claim above the $500 my balance now sat at,i rebuked each excuse with common sense and got nowhere.
Then some wizard at the casino came up with this.....*there is a coupon specific to gold bull vip level and it is called GOLDBULL,the $20000 max cashout only applies to the GOLDBULL coupon* where on thier site mentioned this GOLDBULL coupon,not even in the terms and conditions!! I was offered a $250 bonus for my troubles and basically told to carry on with life....
A reputable company at this point would have seen the error and confusion caused and honoured my claim with a bonus and apology wouldn't you think?
Now heres where it gets scary,overnight the raging bull website was changed to accomadate thier so called real meaning, in every level of the tier structure,so for instance it now says this in gold....Maximum Cashout on Reward Tier Deposit Match Bonus: $20,000 Max Cashout
You know,i know and any clown would know that this is bullshit and the whole tier structure doesn't make sense now,because the max cashout benefits given on the different tier levels were designed to mean ALL match bonuses once you earned a tier level had a max cashout pertaining to that level,and here is why....
1.if you note tier levels green and red have the following clause in their max cashout benefits.. *20X Deposit unless otherwise stipulated on coupon.Before the site was altered it meant this as an example using the madness coupon,red and green cant use their 20X deposit benefit because the coupon has 10X stipulated on it,but all tiers higher which don't have this stipulation attached can apply their tier level benefit in relation to the cashout.
2.Why is there a need now to even have this as a benefit advertised in each tier section?tier levels don't get any benefit other than what is written on each coupon,so just read the coupon...
3.Same thing with the 19 clause under the terms and conditions,now it doesn't even need to have the tier levels part mentioned at all because nothing about tier levels matters,just read the coupons
4.thier sister site GRAND FORTUNE CASINO has the same tier structure albeit with different tier names,and basically the same worded benefits for each level as what raging bull DID have before it was changed to suit thier agenda. I contacted them and asked what the tier level benefit of SUPREME tier meant when it came to max cashouts,and you know what they said? ALL DEPOSIT BONUS MATCHES HAVE A MAX CASHOUT OF $20000
And lastly I will quote words from Jason one of raging bulls reps when he was replying to a forum subject about people that were raising issues with raging bulls max cashouts on deposit bonuses,and how meagre they was on 5/8/2015 but I wont name it because it wasn't ask gamblers but a similar type...
*Max cashouts are here to stay especially on the welcome bonus where we are giving you 3 x your deposit in bonus cash. Yes there is wagering attached to it and yes there are other brands that don't limit the cashouts, but we are not other Brands. We are a new brand and trying hard to build a solid operation. We have implemented a VIP program where your cashout terms are determined by your VIP status, with the top tier having no max cashouts. You guys want loyal and trustworthy casinos and we want loyal and trustworthy players. Is that so hard to understand*

Posted on 20 September 2016

Dear @danchop,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

danchop New Zealand Message
Posted on 20 September 2016

no I have received no more contact from raging bull since the complaint,and the withdrawl of the amount they did give me has also not been processed either,yet my previous withdrawls have only taken a couple of days

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