NetBet Casino - My deposit is still missing

ottoo Finland
posted on September 15, 2014.

I depositted 50€ to NetBet Poker on 3.9 with the transaction id CASSTR­BS1­237­899­054EUR. I did the deposit, while NetBet was going through the transition to include Poker770 business which might be the issue here. I opened the Poker Software, went to deposit and input my details normally. Next, the deposit was approved and the 50€ appeared on my Casino account. I was surprised it went to Casino, because I did the deposit through the Poker client.

Next, I tried to look for opportunity to transfer the 50€ to Poker, but there was no choice for it. Probably because Poker770 was being transferred to NetBet. Ok, then, I tried to transfer the 50€ to the Sports side of NetBet. I went to the transfer menu in cashier, input 50€ as an amount, input my details and clicked ok. Red error message showed up telling that the transaction had failed, I was like ok, but the 50€ had disappeared from my account. It wasn't on Casino or Sports.

I contacted support several times about this, but they were unable to solve the issue. I tried to explain the situation and one support agent told me to apply the bonus for some reason and thats what I did. I got 50€ as a bonus and played it. Afterwards another support agent contacted me though email and told me I had played 50€ on 3.9 to BlackJack, which I did, but that was the applied bonus money and not with my own disappeared money.

I understand it is hard to prove that my money disappeared from the account, but hopefully you would have some kind of logs of my transfer history or the money not going anywhere, but disappearing.

ottoo Finland
posted on September 18, 2014.

I got an email from the support. This issue has been resolved. Thankyou NetBet.