- Their mobile site errors cost me huge loss

posted on May 14, 2016.

Mobile site error messages prevent me from seeing my bonus balance, or activating the 25% deposit bonus I should have been entitled to, or even knowing whether or not I had played through enough times to cash out any money from two small bonuses they credited manually. Out of 12 deposits totalling over 1000 mBTC, and 5 hours of playing... I found that the only thing I thought was working, which is the reward progress bar, was either WAY off in its calculations or had totally ignored most of my spins! I should have been way past 100% of the goal, but I wasn't even at 40% yet... And this is a $50 progress bar for a free pizza, not the kind of prize that would take at least 2000 mBTC and 10 hours of game play to earn (which is what I would have had to spend to walk away with anything)! I gave up at that point and asked for my money back... I tried 2-3 times to resolve it through their chat and keep playing but they didn't even seem to read the error message I was sending them in screenshots, much less fix it.

I want my money back so I can try playing on the desktop site and get my money's worth and earn that free pizza. The desktop site works fine, but the mobile site has robbed me of my money and I should have all of my deposits returned to me so I can try to win that pizza, by playing on a working website!

posted on May 17, 2016.

Hi 2family4jeff,

There were no technical issues due to which your funds were removed, lost or voided. There was no financial damage due to any errors therefore we cannot offer refunds.

The issue you had on mobile was a very real one though and you were unable to see the bonus information page. By now we have fixed it and we have sent you information via e-mail about your reward for reporting the bug.

Best Regards!

posted on May 19, 2016.

They responded by giving me some uncashable free credit. Better than nothing, but they claim I suffereed no financial loss; which is an unprovable claim. They also gave me $50 USD in money to order the pizza reward I was playing for. This was actually a nice gesture. I still feel I deserve a refund, but I am willing to live with this. I will just be more careful where I spend my money in the future.

posted on May 20, 2016.

Hi 2family4jeff,

I believe you were given a few bonuses which did have wagering requirements and as you mentioned yourself, the original gift was released immediately.

The reported bug has been fixed by now.

In addition, we have made slight changes to the gift rewarding system after your comments. It has been made slightly easier for all of our users. We made some changes a few weeks ago as well but decided to act again.

Best Regards!

posted on May 20, 2016.

This site is borderline delusional in their interpretation of events. I don't know how many times I've told them that a bonus, with 35x playout requirements is not a refund. They keep insisting that it is. They ruined my weekend, and still think I will keep playing there because they keep saying they gave me bonus points. They owe me a refund. They know they owe me a refund. I'm not sure what more I can say about this. My claim is clearly documented.

Also, they couldn't even deliver on pizza. They gave me bitcoin instead, which I have to cash out and then buy pizza myself. i'm done with this site. They could have solved this with a refund, instead we are here.

posted on May 23, 2016.


As mentioned before, you did not lose any funds over a technical or any other issues. There was no financial damage done therefore a refund cannot be offered.

The other gestures of goodwills offered were not meant as a refund or as a replacement of a refund. They were simple gestures from our side to thank you for reporting a technical issue and for any inconveniences it may have caused.

We always do our best to deliver on physical goods that are promised if local businesses accept bitcoin as a payment. At the time of request the business may have changed its policies, stopped accepting bitcoin as a payment or made it impossible due to some other reason. In such cases we are at the mercy of the local business.

Best Regards!

posted on May 23, 2016.

I have described in detail the financial losses. This site apparently has time to continue rewriting the same reply over and over again in this forum but not time to properly read this complaint or the numerous emails I sent describing the way this error resulted in financial losses.

They seem to think that as long as the error did not directly decrease the funds in my wallet that they are not responsible for any losses. Their claim that this did not cost me money are unprovable. I challenge them to post proof of this claim here. If they can prove I did not suffer any losses they should do so, or refund my money. Since they do not seem to bother reading anything I write past the first one or two lines, I doubt they will read this or give it a serious reply.

To spell it out, in case they do manage to read this whole thing, I'll again explain how this cost me money... The error message prevented me from seeing my bonus balance, while I was simultaneously making deposits. I have been a regular player here for 8 months and have deposited tens of thousands of mBTC - so I am used to a certain betting style. During this weekend, I was betting basically blindly- often assuming I was betting with real money only to find out hours or days later it was bonus money; and other times I was betting with real money thinking it was bonus money. Blind betting is not what I signed up for. The site was broken, it prevented me from making informed bets...

Informed bets are the foundation of casino laws and regulations. My bets that weekend were not informed, despite dozens of attempts to reach support and resolve this.

Stay away from this Casino if you are a regular gambler. They want your money and have no problem accepting it under false pretenses, lying about it, ignoring you, and they would rather lose a long time customer than pay a refund after fully admitting their site was broken.

Be like me, and other gamblers who have learned their lesson about trusting this site and take your business elsewhere.

posted on May 24, 2016.

Hi 2family4jeff,

The bonus page is an informative page, you cannot see your full balance there, only bonus. Your current withdrawable balance, bonus balance and locked balance is always visible on the Cashier page as well.

I can see that you had claimed multiple bonuses over the weekend and forfeited them. An example visible on the attached screenshot. Here is the full list:

Bonus forfeited 15.06 @ 11:42
Bonus completed 14.05 @ 12:52
Bonus forfeited 14.05 @ 13:19
Bonus forfeited 14.05 @ 09:42
Bonus forfeited 14.05 @ 09:41
Bonus forfeited 14.05 @ 07:33

Again, from the transaction history we can see there was no financial loss, all bonuses and real money was played out bet by bet, win by win.

I can see that you did contact our support and asked for bonuses to be credited manually to your account, which was done on every occasion. I can also see that you sent an e-mail and came on chat multiple times during a 12 hour period to request a reply.

From the first post here, i have admitted that there was a technical issue (visible on your screenshots as well) and it was solved as quickly as possible. Technical issues happen every now and then and no system is 100% bug free at any given time. Nevertheless no financial damage was caused due to the highlighted issue.

Under no circumstances were you ignored. As mentioned before, you came on live chat requesting bonuses multiple times, which were credited. Our support agents assisted you to the best of their abilities.

Being a player for 8 months i am sure you are well aware that such technical issues are an exception. I'm also confident that during that time our support and VIP department have been very helpful towards you.

Best Regards!

posted on May 27, 2016.

This is going around in circles. I want a refund. I'm not ever playing there again until I get one. If you don't want to get ripped off I suggest you play elsewhere.

It's amazing to me how counter productive they want to be. They should look at my deposit history. Last weekend alone they missed out on over 2000 Mbtc of deposits from me because I played elsewhere.

posted on May 27, 2016.

Oh and look at this from their terms. They don't list any conditions. They promise they will void any bets made when the site is having errors.

posted on May 27, 2016.

See this policy they are ignoring in this case.

posted on May 28, 2016.

Resolved. They gave me a fair refund.

posted on May 28, 2016.

Sorry I used the wrong word. They resolved the issue without a refund.

posted on May 30, 2016.

Hi 2family4jeff,

We have explained the situation in numerous posts, due to user privacy regulations we are not willing to disclose sensitive information here.

Bottom line is that there was a display bug on the mobile website which had no effect on any financials or transactional systems.

Despite of seeing the error you voluntarily kept playing, kept coming to live chat and asking for further bonuses.

There was no financial loss due to situation. All wagers were placed correctly, transaction by transaction.

You have been given gestures of goodwill of different kind after posting this, you have accepted all of them. We cannot offer a refund in such a situation.

Should you wish to stop playing and close your account, please e-mail us at [email protected] with your details and request. We will close your account indefinitely.

Best Regards!

posted on May 30, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this complaint as successfully resolved and the case is being officially closed. We are happy that an agreement has been reached and we would like to thank both parties involved into this case for their cooperation.