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Sugar Casino - Missing funds £64,000

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Disputed casino Sugar Casino
Reason Other
Amount £ 64000
Jay2000 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 14, 2015

On the 10th of December I successfully won £64,000 with this casino. At 18.00 on the 10th, I withdrew £60,000 in £5,000 instalments via wire transfer as they don't provide any other method and the limit for each transfer is £5,000.. This left me with around £4,000 left in my casino acccount and £60,000 in pending withdrawels. Once I had completed the withdrawels I logged out of my account. I was logged out of my account for a couple of hours, during this period I have numerous eye witness that can prove I was not playing the casino or in front of a playroom to do so. I then went to logged back into my account but couldn't. An error message saying your account has been locked came up when I tried to login. I then proceeded to contact the live support, I sent numerous messages to the live support team, but there was no response. I then proceeded to contact them via email to ask why my account had been locked, I sent them 5 email, again with no response. At this piont I went to bed, again with eye witness that can prove I was not on a platform to play the casino. Upon waking up in the morning I again trend to login to my account, the same error message apeared, your accout is locked. I again used the live chat to ask why my account had been locked. I got an response this time. I was told to reset my password. I informed the live chat that I didn't need to reset my password as I knew it and again asked why my account had been locked. They informed me that they would send my issue to their technical team. After a few hours and no update or response, I decided to do as I was told and reset my password. Upon doing this I still couldn't of into my account. About 15 minuets after resetting my password I received an email off the casino with a new password, not the one I had reset it too, but one they had emailed me. I proceeded to log into my account with the rely provided password. When I logged in I found may balance to be at £70.00, not at the £4719.55 I had left in my account. Surprised by this I proceeded to check my pending withdrawels, upon checking non of the £60,000 or 12 individual £5,000 pending withdrawels were there. I proceed T go back to the live chat function and ask them where my pending withdrawels were the the missing balance in my account had gone. After numerous hours of conversation to no avail, they informed me that the money in my account and been played and that the pending withdrawels were cancelled and again played. I would like to state and make this very clear that this was not me that did this. I was told to check my game history, upon doing this I saw that from 20.07 through to 02.14 on game had been played consistently during that period of time. During that period all the money in my account had been played through and all the withdrawels had also been cancelled and played through. As stated above I have eye witnesses that i couldn't have been playing the casino during this period. I was also asleep by 23.00 PM. I also as stated above sent numerous emails and contact live chat to say I could by access my account. From 19.00 to the next day I couldnt access my account as an error message appeared to say my account had been locked. The game history states that the play was consistent over the above stated period, again I have eye witnesses to say that thiis couldn't have been me, and it couldn't have been me as I couldn't access my account. Since this has happened I above been in communication with the casino to try a resolve this. They have been reluctant to communicate with me and have pretty much ignored me. Upon checking the game history, thierbee cords are riddled with errors. Incorrect figures and incorrect game play wins and sums that dots add up. I also noticed that at one point in the history it's states that within 19 seconds a spin was made,!the games was exited, a pending withdrawel was cancelled, the game was rentered and another spin was made, All within 19 seconds!!! .... I finally received an email back off them this morning stating that thier records show that the game history is consistent with the my usual play and that the IP address is too. I have asked them to provide me with a copy of their findings. I am still waiting for a response. All I all this casino is fraudulent and is not worth playing, you will end up having the above experience, something that you would not want to experience. Please don't open an accout with them. I have given them a day to provide their evidence, if they don't then I will be reporting hem to the polices fraud unit and will be contacting a solicitor

Posted on January 11, 2016

Complaint is rejected upon player's request. Player is informed that he/she can't reopen or submit a new complaint regarding this issue.

Posted on August 26, 2020

This complaint is rejected upon player's request. Player can't reopen or submit a new complaint regarding this issue.

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