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Folkeautomaten Casino - Missing funds, falsified game history

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Folkeautomaten Casino
Reason Missing Funds
Amount € 58
Posted on May 3, 2016

I played at Folkeautomaten and won about 80€ on Secret of the stones slot, i made a withdraw of 58€ but it vanished and no money was paid to my account and there was no withdraw pending in my transaction history, so i contacted livechatt and they claimed my amount on my account never was above 50€ and that my biggest win was 19€.?? This is not acceptable and Id like a full log from netent so that i can proofe they are wrong. How can they manipulate the game history? I´d like to se my full activity on may the 1:st 2016.
And now here on A-gambler i have seen other complaints regarding the same matter.
Never the less, my withdraw of 58€ is gone and the worst is they call me liar.
I am an 70 year old lady that likes to play slots and have never seen anything like this. But since i am old i know my way around.
And particular when other users on comeon-branded sites have the same problems like me, well then its something really suspicius with the gaming history at Folkeautomaten.
Be aware..

Posted on May 6, 2016

Dear Trubadix,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on May 9, 2016

Hello Trubadix,

Apologies for the slightly delayed reply to your message.

We were not able to locate an account with the information which we were able to gather from here. Would it be possible for you to email our support and quote this complaint in order for us to be able to investigate the matter more thoroughly and study the already existing correspondence? For this, we'd like to thank you already in advance.

However, points we can already address without further knowledge of this particular matter are as follows:

We never edit the information on the files or transaction histories which we send out to players. Editing these files would not only be against the regulations of our licencor, but it would also be detected fairly quickly should further investigation conducted by a relative authority occur. Hence this has never been our procedure due to it serving no purpose to us, let alone the player, in any case or situation.

Therefore you can trust all the information which you receive from us. In addition to this, without having read the correspondence which you have had with us, I am certain that the personnel who have been in contact with you have treated you with utmost respect and done everything in their power to solve the matter, as we do with all of our customers who run in to any issues; no matter how small or large.

That said, it is always very much recommendable to provide us with evidence in form of a screenshot or a video of what you saw in your screen. That helps us to determine if what you saw was a simple, but always unfortunate, display error or if there was an actual mistake. This also helps us and possibly the game provider to detect any bugs or mistakes in the game and fix them, if such bugs have occurred. Luckily these kind of issues are extremely rare and there is always a logical explanation for this kind of happenings which may seem odd or a tad mysterious at first.

Once we receive the information requested in the first paragraph through the relevant department, we are able to address the other points in your message and happily rectify these matters.

Posted on May 13, 2016

Dear Trubadix,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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