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Miami Club Casino - Closed my account with no explanation and with a $2,000 withdrawal pending

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Miami Club Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount $ 2000
lmb219 United States Message
Posted on March 25, 2018

I had two dollars worth of money in my rewards account at Miami club. I somehow managed to parlay that into halfway decent winnings. I made several cash out request for $2000 each, and not wanting to reverse any of those, I had built up my rewards to another 50 or $60, Played with a that, and was able to cash out again. I think I ended up having about $6000 in pending payouts. The next day I was unable to log into my account, and was told that security was reviewing my account. I have no idea why as I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars there and play there Since they first opened. I was a millionaire club player. Nobody ever gave me a valid explanation for why my account was under review, and not only that they reversed All my withdrawals, And after a week or so opened my account again and said that I would not be eligible for the VIP bonuses that I had been. I was naturally furious, and got very vague answers anytime I ask what was going on and why they are giving me a hard time. I then deposited $25 Because they reopened my account and as angry as I was I wanted to see if my luck would carry. Between the $25 deposit and the 90 or 100% deposit bonus I got, I was able to cash out again. They paid 2000 the next day, Which is unheard of. I continued playing, and was able to Request another $2000 withdrawal. Within hours, they had to shut down my account again, and now they are saying that I have to review my account is closed permanently. They did not send my second $2000 withdrawal out, and there is no legitimate reason why they shouldn’t have, seeing as though that was generated as a result of a deposit I made, and no cash out restrictions were in place (ie, play through, free cash bonus, etc). I’m so mad I’m spitting nails right now and want everyone to know how they have treated someone who has spent well over $100k over the course of playing with them. I have cashed out many, many times and they arbitrarily shit me down with money still owed!!!

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