mFortune casino wont pay out my winnings of over £4000

posted on July 15, 2011.

Hi on monday the 12th july 2011 i had contac­ted­ ­mfo­rtune support to find out how long the payment of my winning at that time which was£2550 will take before it goes into my account, when i spoke with a lady she had told me it would take 3day to process then 3-5day befot it goes into my account. That was fine later on in the day i decided to carry on playing and i was winning so i banked another £1800 for withdraw as that come to a total of £4350. I still played an made around anothe £600 which i did not get to bank as my phone internet was not working so i stoped for the nite. I tryed to log on this morning tuesday 13th july 2011 at around 10.30 am and my account said not active.

I semt them several emails with regards to then and also a few txt to 88080 say help, finally i got a call this afternoon say my account is close down and no payments will be made, i ask why what do you mean i spoke with a lady on monday and she told me i would get payed within a week or so.

The lady then went in to say u have found a way to cheat the system. I was very shocked!

I then said i have won over £4000 which she conformed over the phone but said they wont pay me out and have closed the account. The lady said she can not disclose any information that I would need to send an email to [email protected]