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Lucky247 Casino - They closed my account and took my money with no explanation

vizblinss United Kingdom Message
Posted on 24 January 2015

I have very bad experience with lucky247 casino, About 3 months ago I registered here to play some games and was lucky and won 1300 GBP, everything was fine with my financial situation and I leaved my money there and time by time came to play, In the middle of december I have lost my job and I needed to return to My home country, as I had money problems I decided to withdraw my money, Support asked for the documents which I have sent them and they have verified them, then they asked for my UK bank account, but as I have moved from United Kingdom I closed my account so there is no minus balance, because I will not use them anymore, I told them the situation and they without any explanations just blocked my account and my BIG winning is gone, I went to police station and talked to lawyer and they told me first of tall to contact Lucky247 Licence holder, Can someone tell me what I can do about this and if there is possible way to receive my money in this situation when I really need this. I hope someone can help me, Thank you very much

Posted on 18 January 2015

Dear @vizblinss,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on 19 January 2015

Hello vizblinns,

In your complaint, you state that no explanation was given by Lucky247 for the closure of your account, and yet you were sent a detailed e-mail on 13 January 2015 outlining exactly why that particular action was taken.

The casino respects and values customer privacy, which is why the reasoning behind your account's closure won't be divulged on a public forum such as AskGamblers, but we urge you to check your e-mail once again in case you missed that communication.

Kind regards,
Lucky247 Casino

vizblinss United Kingdom Message
Posted on 19 January 2015

Dear Lucky247 Casino Team
I think that people should know in which casino they can deposit and play safely and in which not.
Your casino is completely unsecure and probability that you will get your won money is close to 0.
Since I have problems with your company I have searched for other player`s experience and I see that there is hundreds of complaints, If not even thousands that you simply block account on bigger withdrawals.
I have received email from you on 13th that my account is blocked, but what was the reason? Because I have moved back to my homeland? Is this the reason? Because I cant find anything else, there is not stated on your terms&conditions that your customers cannot change place of living.

And I have wrote you 2 emails about this process in police, and I am asking you one more time please give me information I have asked to you on e-mail so we can process this case further

Many Thanks
Best Regards

Andzejs Vizblins

Posted on 20 January 2015

Hello vizblinss,

Whilst we can understand your frustration, you should be careful not to publish statements that are unfounded. Lucky247 is most certainly secure, and making a blanket statement that the probability of receiving your withdrawals from the casino is close to zero is bordering on libellous.

As the e-mail to you on January 13th alludes to, your account was locked by our third-party risk management and processor supplier. Whilst we do not want to publish details here, they have the benefit of a global risk database and have indicated that your account is linked to fraudulent activity.

We would suggest that you contact Lucky247 Casino directly, or eCOGRA, should you wish to pursue this further.

Lucky247 Casino

vizblinss United Kingdom Message
Posted on 20 January 2015

How you can say that I need to contact you on email not here if I am receiving this email when I am writing you - Kindly note that for the final time we write with regards to your Lucky247 Casino account. No further correspondence will be entered into.

THIS IS THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT - Your account has been reviewed and in light of the information provided by our third party processor, we hereby notify you of the casino management’s decision to exercise our right to initiate point 4 of our Terms and Conditions.

This entails termination of your Account at Lucky247 Casino.

That basically means that you can block any account you want, your casino, Lucky247 casino is on of the biggest fraudulent casinos in industry, NEVER PLAY THERE

If I will not get my money even after court I will make sure that EVERYONE knows about your fraudulent activities

And Final Time I ask you to provide with asked questions , because you refuse to answer to them on email - Person/department who is responsible for this and contact details of them, not emails or skype`s, Latvian police wants to contact you about my case

Posted on 24 January 2015

Under the Lucky247's private policy they can't provide to us or a player evidence that he/she commit a fraud. This complaint can't be resolved here, we recommend to the player as casino also mentioned to seek future help with eCogra or LGA of Malta.

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