Lucky Red Casino refuse to pay my winning just return my deposit

posted on July 5, 2013.

On June 19 I had sign up at Lucky Red Casino . I had a winning of withdrawal $ 10028.

I was told to send over my documents and the fax-back form which i had send it over. After i receive the follow e-mail from them. As they say i live near Markham so they cant pay me but on their web site as their term and condition i check they just say Canada town of Markham is not allow but i don't even live in that town so i am thinking they are making some excuse for not willing to pay my winning. If they really didn't accept customer in Canada why cant they just clearly say that in their term on their website Canada player not allow, At if i notice this happen i wont even sign up at all.


Thank you for your email.

We have taken a look at your account for you, and unfortunately our management team have made the decision to close your account.

Looking at your address, we can see that you are close to the town of Markham, as per the terms and conditions of Lucky Red Casino, we do not allow any players from the area or surrounding areas of Markham.

Hence now that this decision has been made to close your account and refund your deposit back to you.

You should receive a refund of $1000.

I trust that this is the information that you have requested, and I hope that this is satisfactory for you.



VIP Host

Lucky Red Casino

Below is their website term as say on their website


10. Lucky Red Casino (LRC) does not currently accept any real money wagers from the legal jurisdictions of the Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Israel, France or the Town of Markham in Canada. If you are unsure as to whether these restrictions apply to you please contact support.

posted on August 8, 2013.

Unfortunately we are unable to help or comment any further on this matter. The decision has been taken by the management team and this cannot be overturned.

If you wish to chat this through our support team are available 24/7.

posted on August 12, 2013.

So people watch out with this casino their term is tricky~~